This is the amazing tale of Amanda, an animal lover who stunned everyone with a gesture.


A frightened dog was spotted near a vehicle in the Evan’s Creek Mountains on a secluded road. The dog became very aggressive and wouldn’t let anyone approach him because he was so hungry. The dog was later named Bear.

The driver took pictures of Bear and posted them online to ask for help. When Amanda found out, she stopped what she was doing to assist Bear immediately.

Amanda and her friend Dylan decided to start looking for the dog, even though Amanda’s family warned them it was dangerous.

After searching for a while, they found the dog, but Bear was scared and wouldn’t let anyone get close. They tried using food and tricks to lure him, but it didn’t work. Amanda and her friend had to leave at dusk, but they returned the next day.

The following day, they found Bear in the same spot. After several unsuccessful attempts, they devised a new plan to lure Bear. To convince the dog she needed help, Amanda pretended to be dead by lying on the ground.

Amanda lay still on the ground for hours until an event occurred that moved animal lovers worldwide.

Bear sniffed Amanda for 20 minutes before deciding she needed help. The dog then got bored and walked away, but Amanda stayed put.

Bear sat down next to Amanda after a little while, seemingly trying to show her that he was there.

Amanda finally gained Bear’s trust after spending a couple more hours with him. She assured him that she only had her well-being in mind. Together, they headed to the vet in Amanda’s car.

Bear received treatment and care, and after regaining his strength, a family decided to adopt him shortly after. The dog no longer has to endure life on the streets as he now has a caring family and a home of his own.

The bear’s effort to assist Amanda while she was on the ground shows a great deal about the wonderful nature of this dog.

Amanda’s efforts to save Bear deserve our highest respect and gratitude.

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