An adopted son gifted a seven-bedroom property to his foster parents.


He came from absolutely nothing. His adoptive parent’s love, care, and inspiration were all he had to push him forward to overcome poverty.

Jayvee Lazaro Badile II, a successful business manager at a financial company, enjoys a very comfortable lifestyle. His hard work had made it possible for him to enjoy a rather lavish lifestyle. However, things were not very easy for him always. Jayvee was adopted by his uncle and aunt, who were very poor. They were living in Bocaue, Bulacan, Philippines. Despite having nothing, they adopted jayvee and gave him the best gift of all, unconditional love.

The family constantly struggled to earn their necessities.

Bills kept piling up, and they were past due. The family lived with a constant fear of power being cut or getting evicted. Jayvee recalls that his mother gained a reputation in the neighbourhood for asking for loans. “Nine family members had to live in confined, dirty, and hot living spaces. Our electricity was cut often cause of due payments. We didn’t have proper eating or sleeping area, and we didn’t have proper or clean toilets and bathrooms. Our home was the image of poverty, a family who worked hard to make dreams come true” – Jayvee Lazaro Badile II.

Jayvee found documents regarding his biological parents in his home.

This made him set on to build a better life for his foster parents and himself. He worked hard with determination and looked forward to the possibilities lying ahead in life. This was a turning point in Jayvee’s life.

Jayvee was so determined to overcome the poverty that he started working in different jobs while attending school. He worked as a waiter, a tutor, and a dishwasher. He took accounting classes in college too. Jayvee was a bright and determined student, and he was offered a scholarship.
Undoubtedly Jayavee deserved it. Jayvee earned the honour of being the Philippine insurance industry’s youngest and fastest promoted branch manager.

Jayvee was proving to be a truly hard and intelligent worker. He started working at a financial company after quitting his job as a sales rep at a soda company. He was extremely good at getting new clients and earned a fair commission.

Yes, his hard work paid off.

“When Nanay and Tatay adopted me, it wasn’t a good life, to be fair. Nanay is a vendor, and Tatay is a porter. Now that I can give them back for what they gave me, I will make sure they’ll live their dream lives better than they envisioned. For 28 years, my family and I lived in a small dwelling in Bocaue, Bulacan. The house was rented for a Php1,000 (about $20) a month. Often, floodwaters will enter the house, and we didn’t even have our water supply.”

Jayvee got the house built in just a year, and he paid for it in cash. The only thing missing in this fully furnished seven-bedroom mansion was a tv which Jayvee bought as a Christmas gift for his parents.

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With an amazingly successful future in his grip, Jayvee knew he couldn’t have done it alone. His parents were always behind him in his fantastic journey. “I want to give everyone a message of inspiration, impact, and influence. I want everyone to understand that challenges in life are temporary. Whatever harsh stage they are in, you have to work hard and stay close to god. And you will achieve amazing things “.

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