An adopted boy saves his mother from death. A great example that explains family is not only flesh and blood.


Jordan was allowed to thank his mother for everything she had sacrificed for him by assisting her recovery.

Ingeborg McIntosh welcomed a newborn adoptive kid into her house in the late 1980s. The lady understood that she had discovered happiness the instant she saw him.

Ingeborg told KPHO, “They kept him in my hands, and I immediately fell in love with him.”

Ingeborg held the little boy in her arms with a lot of love and was delighted to be the mother of a newborn. Ingeborg put a lot of effort into getting the infant she had been caring for since birth formally adopted.

Little Jordan joined the McIntosh family formally when he was four years old.

Jordan’s biological mother had some desires at the stage.

Ingeborg explained, “She desired Jordan to go into either an African American or a multiracial household.”

However, the McIntosh family was the only option at the time. Fortunately, the adoption procedure was ultimately finished after four long years.

Ingeborg was delighted to be Jordan’s mother, but the joy was soon overwhelmed by bad news. Ingeborg was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and required a kidney transplant. The whole Ingeborg family was in shock after hearing the terrible news, and finding a suitable donor was a hard thing to do.

Jordan was already aware that he might not be a proper match as he was not blood-related to his adoptive mother. Yet he persisted in trying. He inquired with the doctors in charge of his mother about the possibility of donating a kidney to his mother.

Jordan aspired to be an ideal fit for his mother’s kidney donation, even though he did not anticipate becoming a qualified donor. What a lucky occurrence.

Jordan was pleasantly surprised to learn that his kidney was compatible with his mother’s surgery.

“I’m more than happy to donate a kidney to my mom. Obviously, when I grow up, I’ll look after her like she takes care of me now, but it’s the least I can do now,” Jordan explained.

The surgery went without a hitch, and Ingeborg began her path to recovery. The kidney transplant was a success, and she now has a greater chance of living. This was possible thanks to 27-year-old Jordan, his son. He demonstrated that love is something above and beyond just a blood connection.

Jordan is really pleased that he got the chance to assist his mother, who raised him since he was a toddler.

He said to KPHO, “I’d do more if required to keep my mother alive because she’s my whole world.”

By telling his experience, the guy hopes that others will also learn that it is never too late in paying gratitude. According to Jason, it’s the loveliest thing ever since he got a chance to repay his foster mother with the love and support that he experienced since he was little.

“You’ll always experience something excellent in life, I don’t know when, but it’ll definitely happen,” he stated.

Family is not to be limited to blood relatives. This story highlighted the wonderful bond between Jason and Ingeborg, even though they aren’t blood-related, and he’ll be eternally thankful for being able to assist her recovery.

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