An 85-year-old was robbed ruthlessly, yet a stranger came to make his life back to normal.


Once his riding mower was stolen earlier this year, the 85-year-old was very upset.

Even though times are tight, no one has the right to steal, and stealing from the elderly is especially ruthless.

Nonetheless, Gordon Blakeslee, 85, of Harpursville, New York, was stolen off his 2009 Craftsman riding mower earlier this year. And it was taken straight off his front lawn by the burglars.

Because Blakeslee’s mobility limitations prevent him from operating a push mower, he won’t be able to maintain his yard without such a piece of machinery.

Also, Gordon didn’t want anyone else to mow his lawn.

He says that many people, including his son, tend to cut it far too short.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Blakeslee left his home to see his family. Unfortunately, when he returned, the mower was seized.

Hence, he has no idea when the riding mower got robbed. He just returned home to discover it had vanished.

Obviously, his family is heartbroken for him.

Candace Blakeslee, his daughter-in-law, stated that the mower was highly valuable to him. Naturally, everything that he had was worth it to him. In case any of his belongings doesn’t want to be fixed or replaced if it isn’t broken.

The 85-year-old was still hopeful. So he thought that a plea would help him back to get his lost mower. Following that, he displayed a piece of cardboard on his lawn with a message, hoping for something good to happen.

The message said he was 85 and couldn’t push a mower. So he needs his mower back.

He also told WBNG, I really want it back. He had been using the mower all day while his wife was alive.

All who loved the elderly individual were devastated by the robbery. It wasn’t just an ordinary mower for him. A significant part of his life kept him busy through his retirement age.

His daughter-in-law explained that until she came there and witnessed the board, she didn’t understand how much he’d miss it.

Fortunately, a few folks are in a place to assist persons like Blakeslee.

Though he didn’t receive his lawnmower again, an unknown contributor had the Broome County Sheriff’s Office provide him with a new model for free just after his tale appeared on the local news.

“I have no words to express how grateful I am. After all that has been going on, I’m sure he’s overjoyed to get his mower back,” remarked Blakeslee’s grandson Garrett.

The old gentleman was both surprised and grateful for the gift; he seemed to have no clue that the special attention would result in such a significant gift.

He was all thankful for his new upgraded mower. He was more than happy with the new one and greatly appreciated it.

He’s returned to maintaining his grass and enjoying some clean air, which he believes benefits him.

“You don’t live long if you sit” was what Gordon believed.

The new mower has been securely installed on the land.

Blakeslee has also placed surveillance cameras to secure his new lawnmower. With the shining new update, he’s not taking any risks.

He was all pleased by his story’s perfect ending.

He stated that there are still some beautiful individuals left in the world.

Here we have witnessed generosity at its finest. We need more people like the stranger of our story in our world. It is great to see how a stranger had made a disheartened person cherish back, with the hope of no returns.

In the video below, you can see the news report that started it all.

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