An 85-year-old grandmother rode her bicycle for 1000 miles and achieved a world record, but the reason behind her effort is quite sad.


Mavis Patterson, a grandmother from Galloway, Scotland, celebrated her 85th birthday by cycling 1000 miles. She undertook this incredible challenge to honor the memory of her three late children who all passed away within a span of four years. This heartbreaking tragedy inspired her to embark on a journey across the country while also raising £60,000 for cancer research.

Allow me to introduce you to Mavis Patterson, an 85-year-old resident of Scotland.

© maviscycle / Instagram
© maviscycle / Instagram

Let me introduce you to Mavis Patterson, who is fondly known as Granny Mave among her online followers. She is a beloved member of the Galloway community in Scotland. For the past two decades, Mavis has been actively involved in fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support. She started raising funds for the center after losing her mother and younger sister to cancer. In her earlier years, Mavis had a passion for running, but due to health reasons, she transitioned to cycling in her fifties.

Mavis is no stranger to pushing her physical limits. Despite being 85 years old, she has taken on numerous demanding challenges. She has cycled across Canada and America, as well as conquered the mighty Kilimanjaro. In 2019, Mavis accomplished an impressive feat by completing a 960-mile cycle challenge from Land’s End to John O’Groats, making her the oldest woman to achieve this. Her remarkable achievement not only earned her a Guinness World Record but also helped raise £75,000 for cancer research.

In memory of her late children, Mavis undertook a heartfelt journey by cycling 1000 miles across Scotland.

Mavis experienced a profound tragedy that served as the driving force behind her decision to embark on this challenge. In 2012, she tragically lost her son to a heart attack, followed by the passing of her daughter due to pneumonia in 2013. In 2016, she faced another devastating blow when her third son passed away in an accident. These heartbreaking events motivated Mavis to undertake her inspiring journey.

All three of Mavis’s children were in their 40s when they passed away. Reflecting on her immense loss, Mavis shared, “When my children died, I felt lost and didn’t know how to cope. However, cycling has been a tremendous source of solace and healing for me.”

Mavis often reflects on her late children, and they hold a special place in her heart. However, she recognizes the importance of facing life head-on and embraces challenges as a way to cope with her grief. Cycling has proven to be a therapeutic activity for her, providing solace and helping her to focus on the present moment. In fact, the memory of her beloved children served as the ultimate inspiration for her to pursue her most significant goal to date.

She ended up raising £60,000 for cancer research.

Mavis embarked on her cycling journey, starting from the Mull of Galloway. As she reached the finish line, she was greeted with enthusiastic cheers from her fans and the heartwarming embrace of her grandchild. Thanks to her fundraising efforts, she was able to contribute approximately £60,000 to support the work of Macmillan Cancer Support.

According to a spokesperson from the center, Mavis’ remarkable efforts have made an enormous impact on the charity. They acknowledged that cycling has not only benefited her physically but also played a significant role in improving her mental well-being. The spokesperson further emphasized the tremendous amount of determination Mavis displayed to achieve what she has accomplished. Her resilience and dedication have truly made a difference in the lives of many.

In a heartfelt video, Mavis expressed, “I thought this grief is something I will never be able to overcome. Losing all my children has been the most heart-wrenching experience for me.” Her words reflect the immense sadness and deep emotional impact of losing her beloved children.

She has been able to deal with her loss in a healthy way thanks to the challenges she has set for herself. I don’t think about them as much when I’m cycling, which helps me a lot, she said. Mavis keeps working hard to raise money for charity and pushes herself in new directions.

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