An 8-year-old was rescued safely from a drainage ditch after missing more than a week.


It was an ordinary morning walk until they heard a strange noise coming out of the drain.

An 8-year-old child had been lost for more than a week, said cops from northwest Germany. Luckily he was found safe in a drainage system near his house.

Joe, the young person, vanished on June 17. Family members became anxious as a result, and there was an extensive search attempt.

However, police in Oldenburg located him behind a drainage ditch cover eight days after his disappearance, following a tip from a local who heard noises under the earth.

Yet, he was in safe hands soon.

The police believe that Joe would have crawled through a pipe on the day of his disappearance. This led to the rainwater drainage system once joe lost his orientation after moving a few meters.

Initial probe findings state that they have “excluded all third-party faults at this time.”

Numerous police agencies from all throughout the nation, fire departments, and several ordinary individuals all participated in the quest for Joe.

It seems to have been self-inflicted.

Authorities report that while the youngster was completely naked when they discovered him, he was severely dehydrated and hypothermic.

He became lost and couldn’t figure out how to get out.

After reportedly crawling down the line for 23 meters, authorities stated he would have followed the drainage system via a plastic pipe with a diameter of just 23.6 inches (60 centimetres) (75 feet). Some of his clothes were discovered in this pipe.

He must have had such a terrible eight days.

The youngster made it through intersections and sewer tunnels to the area where he was discovered below the maintenance hole cover.

When police received a tip that the youngster had been seen with an unidentified person, they began a homicide inquiry; however, the information was false.

According to the police, there was no criminal activity.

Joe is still undergoing care and treatment in the hospital, but he hasn’t been able to give the police a complete account of his side of the events just yet.

However, the first police report indicated that Joe had a learning disability.

They advised that he might stay concealed if he felt the investigation was a game during the inquiry.

Fortunately, everything turned out to be alright.

Police spokesperson Stephan Klatte said that they are genuinely delighted. That is pure good fortune. Naturally, there was a chance they wouldn’t discover the child there. They might not have found him inside at all if he hadn’t made a noise or if these noises hadn’t been detected.

Johann Kühme, the president of the Oldenburg Police, is quite pleased by the outstanding devotion of the previous several days. To discover the missing youngster, he thanked all the major and voluntary groups and people who’ve done everything with compassion and a lot of personal effort—until late in the night.

Joe’s dad also conveyed his sincere appreciation to everybody who helped search for his beloved son.

To learn more about Joe’s story, watch the video below.

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