An 8-year-old boy breaks into tears after receiving his bed; his reactions are priceless.


After getting a bed, the little 8-year-old was overflowing with emotions; the whole bed was only for him.

For many of us, sleeping in our bed for the first time isn’t a big deal. We may feel this experience feels like a given; hence it can be forgotten easily. Yet everyone hasn’t been so lucky in life. The main character of our story: a little boy from Detroit, is one of the thousands who were unlucky. His journey to this moment was a real tragedy and made him react emotionally the first time he got to his bed. Keep reading, and we will get more reasons to be a bit more grateful for what we have.

The little boy is Daeyr Neely, 8-years-old and has been homeless.

Since Daeyr was a toddler, he had been homeless. It turns out that when the little one was two years old, his mother lost her job. Simultaneously she lost her house. Suffering years of homelessness, finally, they were able to move into a shelter in Detroit. The plan was to receive public housing assistance from the city. However, it wasn’t a short journey.

Moving into a shelter wasn’t easy for Daery. Daery’s mother, Dionna, stated to NBC News that; The move challenged Daery in ways she didn’t foresee.

Dionna also said that Daeyr had trouble in school when they moved to the shelter. But she explained to Daeyr that getting into a new dwelling was a must.

After spending some time in the shelter, they were able to move into their own home.

Moving into a new home was an outstanding achievement and a turning point in their lives. Even though they got a roof over their heads, they had to face some difficulties finding the furniture they needed.

While furnishing their new house, they lacked many furniture and supplies. Daeyr, who didn’t have a bed, was sleeping on a blankets pile.

Life started being fair for a low-income family. A non-profit organization got involved in loosening its burden. A non-profit organization named Humble Design, working to uplift the living conditions of several homeless throughout the country, got involved in the matter. They learned that Dinno and her kids were having difficulty getting the furniture for their new house.

The non-profit did its part. Neely’s new house was fully decorated and furnished free of charge. The community helped by donating particular furniture. This made a significant shift and did help to feel the place like home.

One of the best things was that Daeyr also got a new bed for the first time after years. Revealing this made him unable to keep together.

The little 8-year-old was fascinated. Luckily the moment was caught on camera. The video starts with Daeyr walking toward his room and noticing his bed. At first, he was shocked. His eyes widened, and his mouth dropped.

The shock turns into tears as soon he realizes the bed was ultimately his. He starts getting more emotional when he hardly cannot process his gift. As it sinks in, the little weep turns into a cry. The little boy with happy tears covers his face with his hands. He turns and starts searching for the warmth of a hug from someone.

“Oh my baby, this is all yours now,” Daeyr hears.

“It must have been overwhelming and relieving for him simultaneously. I am thrilled that we got the chance to help this family,” said an organization member while watching the boy’s reaction. Daeyr kept crying as it was hard for him to believe that he had his bed.

Things are beginning to turn around for Daeyr and Dionna, but it’s delightfully this time.

Daeyr was given lots of fun toys and games; the toys included lightsabers, toy cars, and more. Now, Dionna can concentrate on nursing school as their housing situation is more stable. Daeyr and Dionna’s lives are on the mend, and Daeyr can relax and enjoy the little things, like sleeping in his comfy bed.

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