An 8-week-old baby says “I love you so much” to mom and her voice is angelic


Listening to her is the cutest thing ever. (Video)

When we are parents, every moment of our children is special and unique. We look forward to when they start to develop at every important stage of their lives, from the first months we wait for the moment when they start to talk, sit on their own, crawl, say their first words and walk.

We look forward with great excitement as the months pass and each stage is fulfilled.

Although each child is unique and unique and develops at his own pace, each month is usually loaded with great learning for each child, especially for parents.

This is the case of the baby boy who, at only 8 weeks old, is already babbling and emitting sounds very similar to I love (Te Quiero) and does not stop smiling at his mother.

It all happens when her mother starts petting her and talking to her and this princess responds by saying I Love and smiles very tenderly at her mother.

This 2017 video has taken social media by storm and has millions of views, and it’s not at all how people react to such a tender episode.

Just the fact that an 8-week-old baby can imitate sounds is already awe-inspiring, which is why seeing her say I Love is so attention-grabbing and upsetting.

Every day children are born with greater cognitive abilities and it is difficult as parents to educate them.

Babies today receive different stimuli from the womb that make them more precocious and developed.

Just like this 8-week-old baby captivated social media by talking tenderly to his mother, many children today have impressive developmental abilities, which pleasantly surprises and excites us as parents.

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