I ruined my son’s wedding and don’t have an inch of regret! Am I wrong for feeling this?


What happened after the unwanted guest came in during the wedding vows. Read full story in the comments…

A woman went on Reddit to tell the story of how she spoiled her son’s wedding and doesn’t feel sorry about it, but wonders if what she did was right or wrong.

Specifically, her son Mike had been previously married. He and his former spouse had a son named Tommy.

Tommy was born with Down Syndrome, and soon after, Mike abandoned him and his wife. Furthermore, he chose not to see his son or have any communication with his ex-wife. He never supported the boy financially.

Mike’s family was upset with him for neglecting his son. When his mother found out he was marrying again, she felt compelled to take action. She wasn’t concerned about Mike starting a new family, she just wanted him to step up for Tommy.

On Mike’s wedding day, as he was ready to marry his wife, his mother walked in with Tommy and revealed how Mike had abandoned his son.

Mike’s soon-to-be wife looked bewildered. It was clear she was stunned upon discovering the truth about her future husband.

Shortly after, she tossed her bouquet towards him and then she and her family departed from the church.

Mike’s mother departed soon after, and the next day her cousin Liam informed her about how Mike displayed anger and a variety of emotions in front of the bewildered guests.

Mike’s mother expressed uncertainty about whether her decision to disrupt the wedding was correct. She clarified that her intention was not to ruin her son’s wedding, but rather to teach him a lesson and hold him accountable for Tommy’s behavior. Despite this, she stated that she does not regret the wedding not taking place.

The woman stated that she might have gone too far, but she believed it was necessary to highlight the severity of Mike’s neglect.

She concluded by expressing her hope that this interruption would awaken him and inspire him to change his behavior, so that he could be there for Tommy as a father. She then asked Redditors if she was the one in the wrong.

What do you think about this?

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