“Although I am 28 years old, I still feel like a child: I still use a bottle, wear diapers, and sleep with Soft toys.”


It is natural for us to shed the habits that defined our youth as we mature, to the point where we experience a sense of nostalgia while recalling them. In any event, development inevitably results in changes to which we do not struggle to adjust as time passes. Others, however, have no intention of growing up and desire to stay children in the truest sense: such is the case of a 28-year-old American woman who gained Internet fame for her determination to continue wearing diapers, falling asleep with a pacifier, and listening to the bedtime story.

Being a youngster is beautiful, if you are fortunate enough to live in a good environment, but you must eventually grow up: However, Lucy Anne disagrees, and for this reason, she has gained the attention of Internet users.

What’s the reason? The young woman, who lives in Pennsylvania, United States, and works as a computer security officer, has made her unsuitable for her age lifestyle public on her social media profiles. In fact, Lucy acts as if she were still a child, dressing as such and retaining normal childlike mannerisms.

According to her own admission, a portion of her personality remained at the age of nine, when she enjoyed in wearing her younger sister’s diapers because it made her feel at comfortable.

The urge to remain “little” has not diminished with the passage of time and the onset of adolescence; on the contrary, Lucy has continued to gather soft toys and toys, to use the bottle to quench her thirst, the pacifier to fall asleep, and to tell herself fairy stories before falling asleep.

Anne initially believed she was the only person who felt the urge to keep childhood practices into adulthood, and she questioned whether or not she was wrong for this. Then, however she learned that she was not the only one, discovering the presence of numerous online forums for “adult infants” — people who, like her, are comfortable “remaining a child”

Since then, Lucy has resolved not only to accept herself, but also not to hide her quirk and to express this side of her life on social media, which she still maintains in her private life without it interfering with her professional or interpersonal connections.

Users appear to love the fact that the young woman displays this identity through humorous photographs, on which many have responded positively, finding it encouraging that she is able to accept herself, which is not the case for everyone.

What are your thoughts on little-big Lucy Anne?

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