Although everyone turned their back on him, Will Smith will return to the cinema to succeed more than ever


2022 seemed to be the year of Will Smith, the actor premiered his film King Richard and that earned him multiple nominations for important awards and crowned him with the Oscar, the most important award in the film industry, however, that night was overshadowed by the scandal in which Smith was involved.

You probably already know what it is about but for those who were under a rock during the Oscars, the presenter was the comedian Chris Rock and during his participation he began to address Jada Pinkett-Smith throwing several jokes about her, this It didn’t sit well with Smith and he got up from his seat and slapped Rock.

The moment was recorded and shared massively on social networks, everyone talked about it and criticism of the actor did not stop for some time. In fact, for almost 3 months, Will has been away from the media.

The award remained in his name and despite initiatives to have it removed, that did not happen. Will Smith is the 2022 Oscar winner for Best Performance in a Leading Role.

After the incident, the actor apologized through a statement on his Instagram account and since then nothing has been heard from him. Some sources stated that the actor decided to enter a rehabilitation clinic.

The marriage is obviously not going through its best moment, and Jada has not shared much about it either, on the contrary, she only shares what is related to her work, at least on her social networks.

But it seems that after the storm comes calm and after the rain of criticism and negative comments about the person of Will Smith, the important producer Sony has decided to support him.

Tom Rothman, president of Sony, expressed that he would like Smith to remain part of the Bad Boys franchise.

“ I don’t believe it’s really my time to speak, except to say that I’ve known Will Smith for a long time and know he’s a kind guy. In front of the entire world, there was an example of a really nice person going through a very hard period. I think his apology and regret are genuine, and I believe in forgiveness and redemption,” Rothman stated.

He concluded by sharing that the film is currently in development, although there is still no official date to start recording. Everything seems to indicate that Will Smith will have a chance in the movies.

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