All you need to know about Ragdoll cats.


Are you interested in Ragdoll cats? By reading this article, you can find information about their origin, character, and characteristics. If you are a cat lover and have unanswered questions about the adorable Ragdolls, this article will provide you with answers.

Origin of the Ragdolls.

The Ragdoll breed origins from a mix between a scared breed from Burma and an Angora. Ann Baker was the first person to breed a Ragdoll. She chose breeds with a long coat and calm character for this breed. The name of the first Ragdoll cat was Josephine. It was a white-haired cat. Ann gave the name “Rag Doll” to the cats of this breed as she felt very relaxed when taking Josephine in her arms. Now Ragdolls are one of the most loved and most picked cats among all breeds of cats.

Characteristics of a Ragdoll cat.

In general, Ragdoll cats occupy elongated and large bodies. They have a long tails and are with a large amount of hair. This makes the Ragdoll cat appear bigger respective to a normal cat. The most attractive characteristic of the Ragdoll cats is their blue color eyes. The Ragdolls can be a perfect fit for a cat lover that lives in an apartment, as they are very affectionate and not usually affected by changes.
The Ragdoll breed comes in different yet, beautiful and elegant color patterns. The most common colors of a Ragdoll are the darker shades in the face, back, and feet and the white color neck, stomach area, and four legs. You can find a lot of Ragdolls with shades of black and gray on their paws and faces. The Ragdolls have hair that varies between long and semi-long, being fluffy, silky, and very soft.

Taking care and feeding a Ragdoll.

For a Ragdoll to grow well without problems, we need to provide the best care we can. A Ragdoll breed can live up to 15 years. Therefore good care is an important factor. With good care and a balanced diet, a Ragdoll can become a very affectionate and healthy cat. Now let’s look at the main facts that we should know before raising a baby Ragdoll.
Give the Ragdoll a small amount of daily exercises like playing or going for a walk.
A diet rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates.
Brush the Ragdoll twice a week to prevent the fur from getting knotted.
Clean their teeth daily.
Remember to clean the litter box daily to prevent the fur from getting dirty.

Basically Ragdoll is.

Ragdoll cars are not noisy and annoying cats. They appreciate your company and love to play. Ragdolls are extremely affectionate and will follow you everywhere, wanting to spend time with you. If you’re willing to raise a Ragdoll as a pet, you just want to play a little and spend time with it.

Buy or adopt a Ragdoll cat?

We’d love to see any cat getting adopted to give it a good home before buying one. But we recommend finding a Ragdoll kitten for sale because it’s hard to find a Ragdoll cat for adoption due to its high popularity.

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