Alien could attacks on Earth in coming months, according to a time traveler from 2671


The upcoming few months, according to a self-described “time traveler from the year 2671,” are going to be extremely awful.

On December 8, according to a TikTok user going by the name of Eno Alaric, aliens will strike Earth in a massive meteor.

In addition, the content producer provided four additional events that will occur during the following six months that should be avoided.

They stated at the beginning of their most recent video: “ATTENTION! Yes,I am a time traveler from the year 2671; please remember the following five dates.”

The first is slated for November 30, when the James Webb Telescope is expected to discover ‘a new planet that is a mirrored image of Earth.’

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Second, they predict that an extraterrestrial invasion would occur when a ‘large meteor hits earth containing new types of metals and alien species’.

According to the so-called time traveler, on February 6, 2023, ‘Four teens find ruins from the past and a tool that creates a wormhole to other galaxies..’

Then, in March, ‘a team of scientists exploring the Mariana Trench, find ancient species’.

And finally, ‘750ft mega-tsunami hits the US west coast, mainly San Francisco’ is reportedly going to occur in May, which will be a fairly terrible catastrophe.

Furthermore, Eno Alaric has previously offered cautionary statements about the future, and it is become increasingly difficult to keep up with all of their assertions.

A 3 feet spider, an 18 feet bear, and a 1 feet ant, to mention a few, will allegedly be found in January 2023, according to the content provider.

They explained in their very first TikTok that they chose to return to this year because “bad times” are coming.

“I hope that I will be able to change what the future has in hold for you all by warning what is to come.”

Users of TikTok have responded to the self-described time traveler’s claims, though not in a serious way.

“If you are a time traveler when I am going to get a girlfriend.”

“can you predict of when my dad will come back.”

“Only the Simpson’s prediction has come true thus far.”

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