Air hostess shares 12 valuable tips for individuals who travel alone.


If you desire to live happily and not get bored over life, you should try travelling the world. Because it’ll help you to escape the busy life and expose you to exciting things.

You’re mistaken if you think travelling is only about getting eye-catching photos of oneself and impressing people. It’s all about enjoying life, discovering new things, and learning more about your world. Travelling could be discomforting at times, but you’ll always cherish in the future the memories you collect while travelling.

Anyway, even if you’re travelling to long-distance destinations or places a few kilometres away from your home, there are some things you should know to ensure your safety during the journey.

If you’re willing to travel the world, personal security must be one of your main priorities.

An air hostess named Cari Curri posted a clip on her TikTok account with the caption ‘Useful hotel Security hacks for travellers’. She published two pins under the caption, and both got a lot of attention from her 30k followers.

The audience was thankful for the tips, and the comment section flooded with grateful comments.

The bookings that you make and the hotels you choose to stay in will decide whether the trip will be a success or not.

It should be affordable and not too heavy on your wallet. But also comfortable at the same time, because travelling makes you tired.

Choosing a hotel to stay in is one of the most important things to consider while travelling.

Most hotels around the world provide a safe environment to their customers. But taking measures to ensure your safety and being ready for any situation is essential.

I suggest you keep the following tips in your mind.

Closely look into the closets and cupboards after checking in.

Keep a considerably heavy piece of furniture blocking the main door. It’s essential to keep an eye on the front door at all times.

You cannot be too safe even if you take several safety measures. The probability of you being exposed to crimes is higher when travelling to a foreign country.

It’s not a surprise if you’re not prioritizing your safety while travelling to a foreign country. Because you’ll get so excited to travel and enjoy the time that you’ll forget to take any safety precautions to avoid being exposed to criminals.

Anyway, it’s imperative.

When you’re travelling inside your own country, the country you know the best, it is easy to handle a problematic situation as you know how things work. But, what if you get into trouble while travelling abroad? You’ll not know what to expect or do to get out of trouble. So taking time to learn what to do in an emergency is vital.

Place a suitcase at your room’s main entrance to prevent anyone from messing with the room’s security lock.

Keeping your television or radio on at a pretty high volume will make outsiders aware that the room is equipped, which will help ensure your safety.

Keep your mobile phone on at all times.

Cari has made a set of safety measures to ensure your safety during your trip. Therefore, you have nothing to be worried about.

The tour expert advises inspecting the closets and placing furniture pieces in front of that door to ensure no invader accesses, as well as reviewing any adjacent rooms and working to ensure they are closed.

One should also lock the front entrance. Although it would seem obvious, the air hostess claims that since the security switch wasn’t turned on, she accessed some previously inhabited rooms.

Close the peephole in the entrance.

Remember to display the security icon.

Use a towel to tighten the lock.

She then advised us to place our bag in front of the entrance to prevent intruders from using a wire to unlock the security lock.

Watch the below video for additional guidelines for being secure in a hotel.

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Why did she advise to place the luggage in front of the door?

TikTok followers provided some of their own safety advice for travellers.

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