Trash collector became full-time nanny after babysitting my kids for 25 minutes 


After trash-man babysat my kids for 25 minutes I decided to hire him as full-time nanny.

Dr. Sanders faced a tough situation when the hospital called her about an emergency while she was on her day off. She struggled to find a babysitter for her three young children.

“Is Dr. Morris available now?” she inquired Nurse Carey over the phone as she quickly changed her clothes, brainstorming a solution to her dilemma.

Dr. Sanders, Dr. Morris is on the way here, driving across state lines. Since you live nearby, I decided to give you a call. The interns are clueless about what to do. I understand it’s your day off, but I didn’t have any other option. Can you come? Nurse Carey asked, trying her best to hide her concern.

Dr. Sanders immediately contacted her sister for assistance, but unfortunately, she was not at home and unable to help. In her next attempt, she reached out to Vicky, the occasional babysitter for the children. However, Vicky mentioned that she wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t take over either.

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Following the passing of her husband Peter, Dr. Sanders was left to raise her three children, Johnny, 9, Christie, 7, and Lucy, alone.

She used to pay a lot for the nearby daycare center when she had a fixed work schedule, but she couldn’t bring them in that day. It was already noon on a Friday, and she didn’t want to inconvenience them.

Dr. Sanders found herself amidst chaos when her three children came running out of the house, shouting “Uncle Bob, Uncle Bob!”

The children grew to like the friendly garbageman who collected Dr. Sanders’ trash for more than a decade, even though they didn’t have an uncle.


Dr. Sanders observed Bob playing with her children and suddenly got an idea. She approached him and made a peculiar request. “Bob, I have a wild favor to ask. I understand you’re occupied, but I was wondering if you could watch over my kids for 25 minutes. I urgently need to attend to something at the hospital, and I have no one else to turn to,” she pleaded, while her children eagerly awaited Bob’s response.

He nodded and smiled, saying, “Of course, Dr. Sanders. I can keep an eye on them for a bit.” The kids jumped up and cheered with excitement.

“They can be quite challenging, you know. I’m just giving you a heads up,” she cautioned.

Bob reassured, “No need to worry. Please proceed. Your job is crucial.”

Dr. Sanders visited the hospital and stayed there for more than three hours because there was an emergency surgery. She felt guilty for leaving Bob to take care of her demanding and misbehaved children for such a long time.


Dr. Sanders was astonished when she arrived home and found her house impeccably organized.

“What happened here? My house… is unrecognizable. And why aren’t the kids screaming and running around?”

“Lucy is napping, and Christie and Johnny are in their rooms, reading,” Bob answered.

“What? Are you kidding me?”

“No, go see.”

Shocked, Dr. Sanders asked, “How did you do this?”

Bob chuckled as he told Dr. Sanders that he had experience raising kids as a single father. He mentioned that his own children were much more mischievous than Dr. Sanders’ three kids. Bob advised Dr. Sanders to get more books for his children, as they seemed to enjoy fairy tales.


Dr. Sanders apologized to Bob for being late again as he was leaving. He even offered him money, but Bob declined, stating that it was his joy to spend time with the children.

Dr. Sanders felt immense gratitude. Later that evening, as she reflected on her day, she made the choice to ask Bob if he could look after her children instead of continuing his job as a garbageman.

She proposed a salary that was three times higher than his current job. The babysitting position also included additional health benefits.


Bob thought about it and decided to take the job. Dr. Sanders was grateful and gave him a Christmas bonus along with plane tickets for his family to go to Disneyland in California.

The mother understood that her children required a caregiver who they could trust and feel comfortable with. They disliked daycare due to their discomfort around unfamiliar faces.

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