My ex-husband wanted me to be a surrogate for his new wife – What happened was unexpected


MY EX-HUSBAND ASKED ME TO BE A SURROGATE FOR HIM AND HIS NEW WIFE – IT ENDED NOT AS HE EXPECTED After many years of being divorced, my ex-husband approached me with an unusual request—he wanted me to be a surrogate for him and his new wife, Penelope. Despite my reservations, I agreed, driven by a misplaced sense of compassion. Throughout nine challenging months, I carried their baby, enduring all the discomforts that come with pregnancy. However, when the baby finally arrived, everything took an unexpected turn. Soon after the labor, Penelope appeared at my door late at night and demanded…

Marilyn’s journey is a perfect illustration of how life is filled with obstacles and surprises.

They first met in high school and soon became the couple everyone thought would stay together. They went through college together, graduated, and got married. The beginning of their marriage was happy, full of laughter, and hopes for the future.

But when their second son arrived, everything took a turn for the worse. Darren began to withdraw emotionally, and the affection that had once kept their bond strong slowly faded away. Unexpectedly, one evening, Darren announced that he wanted a divorce. Without much explanation, he packed a bag, kissed Marilyn on the forehead, and walked out, leaving her with the responsibility of explaining to their children why their father was no longer living with them in the home they had built together.


Marilyn faced immense challenges while adapting to life as a single mother. She worked hard to create a sense of normalcy for her sons, despite the constant reminders of her past life with Darren. The empty chair at the dinner table, the silence in the house after the children went to bed, and the burden of making decisions alone were ongoing battles for her. To deal with her emotions, she found solace in kickboxing, which became a crucial way for her to release her frustration and feelings of helplessness. To navigate through the emotional turmoil, she sought therapy and eventually discovered resilience and self-love.

Darren found a new partner, Penelope, while Marilyn struggled with the idea of him moving on. Despite their co-parenting arrangement, Darren surprised Marilyn with an unexpected request during a child hand-off.


Initially, they discussed their sons, but Darren’s tone abruptly shifted. With uncertainty in his voice, he inquired if Marilyn would contemplate becoming a surrogate for him and Penelope. It appeared that they had been attempting to begin a family, but encountered obstacles along the way. The request caught Marilyn off guard, causing her to question if she had misunderstood. She requested some time to ponder over it, and Darren proposed meeting the following day to delve deeper into the matter.

Marilyn arrived at Darren’s house the next day, her thoughts filled with advantages and disadvantages. To her surprise, it was Penelope who welcomed her with a smile, relieving some of Marilyn’s anxiety. As they talked, Penelope opened up about their challenges and aspirations for the future. Marilyn felt a sudden bond with Penelope, touched by her honesty and resilience. After a lengthy conversation, Marilyn decided to become their surrogate. Darren and Penelope expressed their profound gratitude and promised to stand by her side every step of the way.

As the pregnancy progressed, the bond Marilyn and Penelope’s shared grew stronger.

They developed a close friendship, sharing secrets and life details. Penelope joined Marilyn’s book club and was introduced to kickboxing. These activities brought them closer. Penelope always attended doctor’s appointments and they shared intimate moments like watching movies and supporting each other emotionally.

Darren’s anger grew after their child was born, causing strain in Marilyn and Penelope’s relationship. When they went to the hospital to visit the baby, Darren requested Penelope to leave the room. Following that, Penelope vanished for a few days, ignoring Marilyn’s messages and phone calls, leaving her anxious and confused.


Marilyn thought about their trip and understood that the pain in her heart wasn’t only because their friendship had stopped; she had developed feelings for Penelope.

Months went by and Penelope never reached out or replied to any of Marilyn’s messages. However, one day, she showed up at Marilyn’s door, soaked from the rain and eager to have a conversation. Penelope expressed how difficult it was to imagine life without Marilyn’s presence. Eventually, she confessed her love for Marilyn and revealed her intention to divorce Darren.

Marilyn expressed her love for her, and that marked the beginning of a deep romantic relationship between the two women. They decided to take things at a steady pace, letting their new life sink in. Their bond, formed through tough times and deep understanding, only got stronger as time passed.


Reflecting on the surprising path from becoming a surrogate to discovering genuine love with Penelope, it’s evident that life’s twists brought them to a fresh chapter full of bravery, affection, and the hope of an unforeseen future. Marilyn and Penelope value the chance nature of their tale, the strength of their souls, and the wonderful life they are creating as a couple.

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