After learning that girls dislike him, the officer lies down next to them to display his true colors.


Mom instantly reached for her phone when she noticed the officer.

Batman is in Gotham, according to the video’s caption. Superman is from Metropolis. Black Panther resides in Wakanda. Then there is C.B. Fleming in South Hill, Virginia.

Although Corporal C.B. Fleming doesn’t prowl the streets in a black cape and mask or need a utility belt full of interesting devices to attract attention, the neighborhood youngsters nevertheless refer to him as Batman.

An amazing man

In South Hill, Virginia, the 42-year-old Fleming is well known, particularly with the younger generation.

It was a gas leak that made this officer’s name popular. He made sure the kids were secure all afternoon. And that’s when they started calling him by the sweet moniker.

Cool moniker, too.

learning a scary truth

Thanks to a dispatch call made last week, Fleming and a few other first responders arrived at Iesha Roper-house. Boswell’s He initially spoke with Roper-Boswell after they had made sure the house was secure.

Soon after, the 28-year-old mother confided in Fleming that her daughter, niece, and the other children in the neighborhood were terrified of the police.

Fixing the problem

After they finished talking, Fleming sat down on the sidewalk to play with the kids. It was clear that the youngsters were taken aback and delighted to have a new playmate. a single in uniform

Roper-Boswell was taken aback.

Getting attention

Roper-Boswell quickly videotaped the touching scene on her phone using the camera app. On Facebook and YouTube, the video has received countless views.


father of 4

Fleming is the father of two adopted children and four biological children. He has been a police officer at the South Hill Police Department in Virginia for the past 15 years, and he has always made it a point to get involved in his neighborhood.

According to Fleming, “I’ve always tried to do it.” “When I started working here, I realized there was more to it than just writing tickets and acting badly all the time. I reasoned that all that mattered was if I could make someone’s day a little bit better.

Someone who is good

He is the community’s shining example.

“He’s fantastic. That’s really the only way to adequately explain C.B., claims Roper-Boswell. The connection he has with the kids is simply incredible. If my child is having problems, she only needs to phone C.B. rather than 911 in order for him to reassure her that she is secure. I’m delighted he included this in his job description. My daughter and niece’s life have transformed thanks to him.

Here’s some genuine public service.

remains modest

Fleming doesn’t require an ornate sign or a conspicuous attire. He actually sports the same uniform as his coworkers, but it’s his attitude toward his work and other people that truly sets him apart.

He merits all of your attention.

He does, in fact, take pleasure in connecting with the youngsters. He has a genuine fondness for the young people in the area; it is not an act or a front. He works hard, and the kids appreciate it.

This is how you change the world in your neighborhood.

In the video below, you can see officer Fleming interacting with the youngsters. Really, he is a hero.

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