After being apart for 50 years, a couple got married and searched for the daughter they had given up when they were teenagers.


Karen and Dennis were in love, but her parents wouldn’t let them get married. Fifty years later, they started their relationship again and looked for the last missing piece of the puzzle.

People say that love can always find a way.

A timeless love story made for movie screens brought a family back together after they had been separated against their will for 50 years. Dennis Vinar and Karen Lehmann were finally able to reconnect and followed their hearts when making their decision.

Vinnar, a football player at his school, and Lehmann, a clarinet player, had an adorable first meeting.

Vinnar and the woman he loved were always together, even though they lived in different worlds.

He admitted that he often skipped or was late to football practices, but he didn’t really care about them. All he cared about was spending time with Lehmann, so he would walk her home whenever he had the chance.

Unfortunately, not everyone was enthusiastic about their budding love story. Vinnar was not well-liked by Lehmann’s father. Things got more complicated when their love resulted in pregnancy at just 15-years-old.

Vinnar wanted to be a dad and marry Lehmann, but their parents wouldn’t let them.

Lehmann did really well in school and was the valedictorian. She was sent to a home for single mothers because she wanted to attend college. Vinnar welcomed the healthy baby girl she gave birth to right away.

She said that when she called Vinnar and asked if he wanted to sign the birth certificate and hold his daughter, Vinnar said yes right away on Steve Harvey’s talk show.

They would never see their daughter again.

At that point, their paths split. Lehmann went on to get her college degree, and Vinnar enlisted in the army. Vinnar wanted to keep in touch with Lehmann, but her father kept blocking their calls and letters. This drove them both to move on and leave the love they shared behind.

But they didn’t.

Vinnar confessed that while working for a senator, he found out that Lehmann was living near where he was working. He tearfully told the host and everyone watching that he had knocked on every door in the area, but his search was unsuccessful.

No matter what, love will always find a way.

Their love would finally be reunited when a friend asked Vinnar to join them on the professional website Linked In.

Vinnar told WUSA9 that when he typed in ‘Karen Lehmann’, she was the third person that came up and he was excited, slapping his hands together and exclaiming, “That’s my lady!”

Vinnar and Lehmann had been divorced and widowed for a long time, and finally he got them to say yes when he asked them to marry him again.

They got together on a Monday and got married four days later on Thursday.

Finally, they were together again and ready to spend the rest of their lives together. They had one more goal to achieve – to build their family.

They sent a letter to the adoption agency.

Jean Voxland received a phone call that had a huge impact on her life.

The Voxland family hadn’t been together in over fifty years, but finally they were all reunited. It was an unbelievable and special moment, like a miracle.

Voxland has accepted the two people into her family.

Their story showed that when love is real, it will always find a way, no matter what the circumstances are.

See this couple come together again and find their daughter who they hadn’t seen in a while in an incredibly special moment.

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