After a woman dies for 27 minutes, then comes back and informs her family that about heaven.


Tina Hines’s for 27 minutes there was no heartbeat, but she was revived and returned to her loved ones carrying a significant message.

To question if heaven exists is common. Up until our passing, we won’t know. However, anyone can make such claim. Some people claim to have seen it. So who can you believe?

Tina Hines was, in fact, pronounced medically dead for 27 minutes before being resuscitated.

She said that in those 27 minutes, something extraordinary occurred. something that would be said by a very small number of people.

Hines’ abrupt cardiac arrest occurred as she and her husband were out on a walk.

They didn’t anticipate this because Tina was otherwise healthy.

Tina quickly lost consciousness and Her eyes didn’t even close; they just rolled back into her head. She was no longer breathing and was completely motionless.

Her husband, Brian, did his best. He tried CPR, but it didn’t help much. She briefly came to after losing it, then went back to being unconscious.

It was serious. She needed urgent medical attention since they were losing her.

There were no signs of life in Tina.

Tina’s heart was unsuccessfully shocked by the paramedics when they arrived. They gave it another shot, but their results were the same as the first time. As he cried out to God to save his wife, her husband was a disaster.

While still attempting to revive her, they hurried her to the local hospital.

Tina’s family was praying harder than ever because it didn’t seem like things would get better.

Tammy, Tina’s sister, and Dave, their husband, were also traveling to be with Tina. It would be a long trip because they were traveling by car from Los Angeles.

However, As they were traveling, Tammy made an odd remark to Dave.

According to Tina’s sister, she suddenly felt at ease and knew Tina would be okay.

Then, as if by magic, Dave unexpectedly received a text message from Brian stating, “Tina is alive!”

It was a miracle.

Tina awakened in the ICU room, despite the fact that she was still sluggish and fragile. Brian went in to see his wife for the first time since she had fallen.

His prayers had been heard, so what came next was quite a surprise.

The next day, when Tina’s health had significantly improved, she tried breathing on her own.

She made a signal to get a pen and paper.

On the paper, she drew several lines and forms that appeared random. They were truly words, though, when they got a closer look.

The words “It’s real” were eventually discernible in her post-revival handwriting, despite its difficulty.

Tina’s husband questioned whether she meant the discomfort or something else. But it wasn’t that.

Tina nodded in agreement when their daughter inquired about heaven.

Tina claims that throughout those 27 minutes, she witnessed Jesus and the heavenly gates. He had this bright, lovely golden glow behind him, which she described as being the most tranquil thing she had ever experienced.

Her nearly fatal experience strengthened both her and her family’s faith as a result.

She got out of the hospital with no lasting brain injury.

The phrase “It’s genuine” from Tina was tattooed on the wrist of Tina’s niece.

I have more faith in a faith that so frequently goes unnoticed because of her tale, which is too real not to tell.

Tina was rumored to have had a meeting with the Lord, which undoubtedly changed everything for her family even though their religion was already rather strong.

Maybe you were wondering about paradise after hearing Tina’s story. Alternatively, did it make your existing faith stronger?

Learn more about Tina’s motivational story by watching the video down below.

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