Royal expert shares tragic verdict on Kate Middleton – accusing palace of not protecting her


Shocking accusation against Kate Middleton confirms our worst fears. This was completely unexpected… See Comments.

Kate Middleton’s Mother’s Day photo is still causing a commotion as it was taken down shortly after being published for editing purposes.

Portrait photographer Martin Bamford wrote on X, “I am a professional photographer. Take a close look at Princess Charlotte’s wrist. This is the result of layering in Photoshop. I’m not making any assumptions about why the photo was edited this way, but it’s strange.”

The Princess accepted responsibility for altering the photo.

She posted on her and William’s official X account, “Similar to many beginner photographers, I sometimes try out editing. I want to apologize for any confusion caused by the family photo we posted yesterday. I hope all mothers had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration. C.”

Kensington Palace confirmed they would not release the original unedited photo of Kate and her children again.

The Associated Press, Reuters, Getty Images, and Agence France-Presse all decided to issue “kill notices,” which are advisory notices to remove or not use a specific photo.

The Associated Press notification stated that the image had been manipulated by the source.

DERBY, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 06: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits students at the University of Derby to hear how the pandemic has impacted university life and what national measures have been put in place to support student mental health on October 6, 2020 in Derby, England. (Photo by Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

They issued a statement mentioning that the photo initially published by The Associated Press, provided by Kensington Palace, was retracted due to manipulation that did not meet AP’s standards. The photo displayed an alignment issue with Princess Charlotte’s left hand upon closer inspection.They issued a statement mentioning that the photo initially published by The Associated Press, provided by Kensington Palace, was retracted due to manipulation that did not meet AP’s standards. The photo displayed an alignment issue with Princess Charlotte’s left hand upon closer inspection.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl stated that the Palace would face significant pressure after the photo incident.

Nicholl mentioned that it is very unusual for four international picture agencies to have removed this image.

In my 15 years on this job, I can’t recall a single instance where a royal image has been brought up. This is very uncommon and could push Kensington Palace to take action.

Phil Chetwynd, AFP’s global news director, mentioned on BBC Radio 4’s Media Show that Kensington Palace is no longer considered a reliable source.

He mentioned that when disappointed by a source, expectations increase. They have informed all teams to be extra careful with the content they receive, even from trusted sources.

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

He added that kill notices are usually reserved for sources such as North Korea.

Chetwynd mentioned that killing something through manipulation is infrequent. We do it perhaps once a year, and I hope it happens even less often. The previous instances of killing were attributed to the North Korean news agency or the Iranian news agency.

It’s crucial not to misrepresent reality to the public. Trust is a big concern, especially the declining trust in institutions and the media. Therefore, it’s vital for a photo to accurately reflect the reality it captures.

The problem with the altered photo just made matters worse as Kate and the Palace were already criticized for not sharing details about her health and location.

Arthur Edwards, The Sun’s royal photographer said the Princess of Wales has learned a “tough and very public lesson” breaking the “golden rule.”

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Edwards stated that it’s important to remember not to alter the image itself when cropping a picture. Kate acknowledged her mistake promptly, despite the negative comments on social media.

The conspiracies are spreading quickly, and these people don’t need any encouragement. The attacks on Kate will be distressing for her.

Some experts, including Edwards, believe that the Palace could have ended the speculations if they had shared the original photo without any edits.

Naturally, there has been a lot of talk about Kate’s whereabouts, as none of us have seen her since December, except for a couple of recent pictures. Many, myself included, are waiting for news on how the Princess of Wales is doing after her surgery in January.

Edwards mentioned that even though the photo editing may not have been perfect, he still finds the image delightful. Kate appears radiant and proud on Mother’s Day, with her children surrounding her. The picture is filled with love and emotion.

Zac Goodwin – Pool/Getty Images

According to royal expert Hilary Fordwich, the palace is accountable for what she refers to as “another public relations catastrophe.”

Fordwich stated that a “reduced monarchy” implies that fewer individuals are leading the royals, and those who are in charge lack the necessary media skills. In today’s fast-paced world with technology-driven media platforms, the palaces should recruit the most talented and knowledgeable individuals in these fields.

Fordwich mentioned that although this situation is not typical for a royal family, it is admirable to acknowledge one’s mistakes. Kate’s straightforward apology sets a good example for others to follow.

Is the Palace doing sufficient to ensure Kate Middleton’s safety? According to royal expert and author Tom Bower, they are falling short.

Shirlaine Forrest/Getty Images

Bower told The Sun that people worldwide are trying to bring her down for pleasure. He also mentioned that they should have hired a professional photographer to avoid the current issues.

He added: “She has had the most serious operation possible. She will need a lot of time to get better. I’m worried that she has been under a lot of pressure to perform, and her staff at Kensington Palace didn’t provide the support and protection she needed.”

Additionally, Bower thinks that the Palace should prioritize assisting Kate in her full recovery rather than sharing additional images.

Some republicans and troublemakers are eager to act quickly to dismantle the monarchy and the current state of Britain. They do not hold our values and view Kate as an easy target to undermine British values and traditions, he stated.

We sincerely wish for Kate Middleton to make a public appearance soon, putting an end to all the controversy surrounding her.

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