Abuelita charges each family member $32 to attend Christmas dinner


The woman said she could not afford the expenses and was tired of no one financially supporting her.

The Christmas season is when the family comes together to enjoy each other’s company. Many people travel around the world hoping to reunite with a family member they haven’t seen in a long time. However, for all this magic to be possible, you must have money.

Christmas Eve dinner is a large banquet with many varied dishes, including salads, desserts, meats, snacks, and drinks. That is, the feast requires many ingredients that must be purchased, and when you are the host, those expenses are at your own expense.

That’s why Caroline Duddridge, a 63 -year-old woman from the UK, decided to charge a fee to allow her family to attend Christmas dinner. As far-fetched as it sounds, Caroline set up a price list for each family member and asked them to pay if they wanted to be in the cohabitation.

According to the BBC, Duddridge was fed up with her children turning a blind eye when she asked for voluntary cooperation for dinner expenses. At first, the woman only kindly asked them to support her since the expenses were too much for her, a widowed woman. It all started after the loss of her husband in 2015; From that moment on, Caroline felt that she could not afford everything and requested the support of her relatives.

The woman put up a donation jar to cover the costs of the dinner and everything that goes with it. Although many understood the situation and chipped in cash, others acted as if they hadn’t heard. So the jar never collected enough, and Caroline still had to put a lot of money out of her own pocket.

That’s why he devised a wonderful idea for this year’s dinner: charge each family member a fee.

As if it were a law firm, Duddridge told potential attendees they had to pay to be present at dinner and consume the sacred foods. The cost included food and other inputs required to prepare dinners, such as gas, electricity, and labour.

In addition, the woman established a different cost for each member according to her calculations of food consumption and economic possibilities. Caroline has five children, two boys and three girls, as well as several grandchildren. In the case of men, the cost for them would be 32 dollars, while women would only have to pay $11. Children also had to pay. The cost was just over 5 dollars for those older than five years, and the family’s youngest members would only be charged $2.

But that’s not all because Caroline also set a payment deadline. If the transfer were not reflected in her bank account by December 1, she would not receive those people in her house.

“There are some who think I’m a bit ‘Scrooge’, but my friends think it’s a good idea,” Duddridge said.

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