A young woman of 18 adopts 13 children before getting married, introducing them to their new father


A wedding is arguably one of the most significant occasions in a woman’s life.

We all want our family members and friends to be there with us on this important day so that we can always share happy feelings and amazing experiences.

Special guests, her 13 adopted daughters from Africa, attended the wedding of Laura, the hero of this tale.

The girl, who was then 18, said she wanted to travel on a humanitarian mission to Africa.

Although it was initially thought that Laura would just stay in Africa for a year, she soon made the decision to stay there permanently.

Laura was qualified to adopt a kid because she was a young, unmarried woman. Davis adopted 13 girls over the years.

Laura wed a man named Daniel in 2015. The couple gave birth to a son on May 6, 2016. For their wedding, most ladies invite their family and friends.

A moving photo of Laura with her 13 adopted daughters during her wedding portrayed the essence of love, commitment, and selflessness.

She naturally wanted her daughter to complete college and pursue further studies.

However, she recognizes that Laura has discovered her passion and offers all of her support.

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