A young man gives his terminal dog the last favorite walk before taking her to the vet.


People who have lived through the experience of losing a pet say that it is a harrowing feeling as if they were taking something inside of you, leaving a void. Pets are a faithful company, and more when it comes to dogs, who behave like one of the family.

As in the case of Libra, a mixed-breed dog that had come to the Kramer family 15 years ago, the little girl shared her whole life with the family members, but mainly with April, the Kramer’s daughter, who was barely eight years old when Libra arrived. They became inseparable and loyal companions during all these years, in addition to the fact that she shared with Maxwell, the house cat.

Unfortunately, the last days of Libra began to arrive, which due to its age began to present complications such as violent convulsions. Thanks to the veterinarian, they discovered that it was the product of cancerous lung tumors. The Kramer family felt that Libra was already about to leave the world. However, they wanted to do everything possible to save her life.

April was the most affected, as she refused to part with her pet. But, seeing that the dog had been dying for days, they decided to let her rest forever, so they took her to the vet so she could do the right job. Her best friend April wanted to give her the best farewell to her, doing what Libra loved, a ride in the car with the window open. For the young woman, seeing her pet enjoying the last hours of her life, receiving fresh air, and in complete peace was moving.

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