A young man adopts a baby he found in the garbage: “The best decision of my life”


Although we currently see many people wanting to start a family and, above all, have the joy of becoming parents at some point in their lives, carrying it out is not something so simple. However, it may seem so at first glance that being able to conceive a child is a complicated job for different reasons, including biological, lack of time, or partner, among many other factors.

In these cases, we see those who prefer to adopt. Even though it is a lengthy bureaucratic road, there are still people who have faith in the justice system of different countries and remain firm when connecting with a child who undoubtedly deserves and needs help. Getting to adopt a child is undoubtedly the most beautiful change for the lives of both parties that they can experience.

«Most of these children live their lives dreaming that someone would turn to look at them, that they would be able to see in them that magic they possess and that they would be given a second chance. No child in the world deserves to go to bed feeling despised by their parents and a system that covers them completely.

Jimmy Amisial, a 27-year-old student, came across the baby that would change his life completely when he found it lying in a trash can in Haiti.

This student from the University of Texas, United States, has told how the long and hard road has been to obtain the adoption of who he considers being his son through endless bureaucratic procedures.

«I attended an event in my country of origin in mid-2017. That was when I saw Emilio lying in the middle of the garbage and covered with hundreds of ants crawling over his little body for the first time. Seeing that undoubtedly shocked me. I could not understand how someone could do this to a defenceless being.

The young man explained that the people in the area had not picked him up because they thought the little boy was “cursed”. However, Jimmy didn’t care about this, so he decided to take it out of the trash immediately and take it to his mother’s house to help her. From that moment, he began a long process to be able to keep custody of the child and legally adopt him.

After having the child at home, they decided to call the police so that they could start an investigation and find the child’s biological parents. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful, so a judge asked the young man to become his legal guardian.

“I knew that this would not be easy, much less for a student with few resources like me, but I was also aware that Emilio had no one else, no one out there was going to fight for him, he could not leave him behind.”

However, to obtain legal custody of Emilio, not only was the signing of hundreds of papers required, but in addition to that, he needed the sum of $30,000 dollars to take care of the child and answer for all future expenses. Without thinking twice, he started a campaign to raise the requested money, and to his great surprise, he reached the sum of $135,000 dollars in a matter of weeks.

“I always wanted to be a part of something great. That was the moment, and I took a leap of faith in accepting the responsibility that having a child in your care deserves and pretending to be by their side for the rest of their lives. If you want to be great in life, you must take risks, accept and face the challenges and opportunities that life throws your way, and without a doubt, this was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.

People showed great love and concern for the well-being of the little one.

With everyone’s help, Emilio can live the dignified life that every child deserves, without worries or basic needs. Hence, Jimmy decided to take a short vacation to dedicate himself fully to the little one.

«With the money raised I was able to obtain custody of Emilio and give him the life he deserves, there is not a day that I show him my love and above all the great value and potential he has. Thanks to everyone’s help, I can have Emilio’s future supported, I can pay for his college and university when the time comes ».

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