A young high school couple chooses friends with special needs as their prom dates instead of attending together.


In the present day, Sydney and Logan Firkins are a married couple living happily. They became a couple a few years back when they attended high school. Today we’re talking about this couple because they did something which caught a lot of attention.

Like all teens, Sydney and Logan were excited about their high school prom and counted the days to take each other’s hands and walk into the dance hall.

But the couple decided to do something unusual as the prom got closer. They agreed that they wouldn’t attend the 2017’s dance as a couple.

On second thought, they decided to propose to two of their schoolmates with special needs to be their date for the prom night.

Sydney was a friendly facilitator in the life skills section at Princeton High school, Indiana. As she visited the area very often, she made a friend there. His name is Noah.

Noah Heichelbech is a student with an amiable and pleasant personality and a fun character. He got Sydney’s attention from the first day they got to know each other because of his friendly nature. As time passed, they became best friends.

“Although he is a person with special needs, his energy level is high. He’s fun to spend time with and greets everyone he meets with pleasant words. It’s not wrong to say he’s my best buddy, yeah! He is,” Sydney shared with 14 News.

Because Noah was an extrovert, Sydney thought he would love to attend the prom. However, she also knew that he wouldn’t be able to participate in the dance without someone’s help. Therefore she thought of helping him.

“I want him to experience this wonderful event, and I’m sure he’ll enjoy it,” Sydney said. But unfortunately, children like him don’t get to attend such events because of their unique needs. Still, I won’t let that happen to him,” she added.

Both Sydney and Logan discussed this and finally decided to attend the prom with two friends with special needs as their dates. As Sydney had already decided to take Noah with her, they were finding someone for Logan. And they decided to take a girl named Harley from the Lifeskills section as Logan’s date.

So, the two proposals came next.

At the time, Sydney was a softball player and cheerleader. She proposed to Noah by giving him a softball with a written message. The message read, ” would you be my date for the prom?”

After reading the message on the softball, Noah was a bit surprised, and he immediately said, “yes, I ‘d love that.” Logan proposed to Harley in a somewhat more romantic way.

He bought a bouquet of roses for Harley in her favourite colour, pink and proposed to her with a sweet message. “I’d be blooming happy if you were my date for the prom.”

“Yes,” she answered happily, and the four teens enjoyed the beautiful night at prom together.
Noah expressed his feeling about the dance to the news saying, “I’m grateful to my friends Sydney and Logan for going above and beyond to make me happy.”

When other students learned about this, they applied and approached Sydney. Still, her idea was that it was nothing to be appreciated and that she did what she should do as a good friend.

“Many friends came to me and appreciated me for what I did. It’s heartwarming, and more people should act like you. But my opinion is that it should be expected among students, and everyone should help their friends with special needs to get such experiences. “

To find more information about his heartwarming story, watch the video below.

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