A young actor with a big heart invites his elderly neighbor to live with him so she wouldn’t have to spend her final days alone.


“Even though I was here to help her, the person who really got help is me. The time we spent together taught me that love, family, and human kindness are the most important things in life.”

Is there a boundary or a limit to spread love?
The first place we learn how to love someone is our home. We start loving from family to those nearest to us. And what if we consider people nearest to us, besides family? Yes, it’s our neighbors that come into our minds first. We can spread love and kindness to them while respecting their boundaries and privacy.

This story is about an American actor who elevated the concept of “loving your neighbor” to new heights.

In 2015, American actor Chris Salvatore moved into his West Hollywood, Los Angeles, residence. Within a few days after moving in, he developed a close and uncommon friendship with an 89-year-old woman named Norma.

She lived on the same floor but the opposite side.

Norma was a friendly person who always had a big smile even though she lived alone with her cat. After learning that she was living alone, Chris began to visit her regularly because it was the least he could do to keep his new friend happy.

They quickly became great friends and shared many happy moments.

Chris shared some of the beautiful moments of their friendship like spending the holidays together and having pizza parties through photos and videos on social media. And he acknowledges that she stole the show, with her posts receiving more likes than his own.

And then, when Norma was diagnosed with leukemia, things took a turn for the worst.

Which followed by lots of hospital bills piling up. Then Chris set up a GoFundMe account to assist with Norma’s hospital and medical costs.

With the help of his amazing fans, they raised over $30,000 overnight!

When Norma heard the good news, she was overwhelmed with joy. And this shows how much the people who knew her only through Chris’s posts loved her.

Anyway, the funds ran out quickly due to expensive bills, and Chris had to decide what to do next.

At this point, Chris took the wise decision of letting Norma live with him, together in his apartment. It didn’t just help Norma with her bills, but also she got the care and attention she needed while recovering.

Everyone who saw this told that Norma is a lucky person to have such a good friend by her side, but Chris thought something very different from it.

He told NBC News, “Even though I was here to help her, the person who really got help is me. The time we spent together taught me that love, family, and human kindness are the most important things in life”.

Norma is so grateful that she had someone like Chris for the rest of her days.

She had no desire to be sheltered or stay in hospital till she died. She was anxious to get home and be with Chris and her pet after being taken to the hospital. All she wanted was to die in the arms of Chris, who cared for her as if she was a part of his family.

Unfortunately, Norma passed away a few years later, and Chris expressed his feelings about it like this.

“Norma taught us a big lesson within this short period of time. She inspired people all around the world to understand the true meaning of love,” he wrote on Instagram.
Truly a lesson we can all learn. Learn more about this touching story in the video below! Please share with your friends and family.

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