A wrestler used wrestling techniques to tackle a 500-pound grizzly bear and protect their friend.


We became really close friends after going through a lot of hard times together.

What would you do if you were about to die?

A group of young wrestlers was walking through the wilderness, not knowing they would soon face the most dangerous and frightening battle of their lives.

These young men showed that friendship has no boundaries or limits, even through a difficult situation.

Kendell Cummings and Brady Lowry became friends quickly.

They are on the wrestling team together at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming.

Even though they had only been friends for a few weeks, they became close very quickly.

Lowry told Cummings and the other two teammates about a plan that could make them a lot of money.

Lowry asked the group if they wanted to go searching for things that had shed off.

People look for antlers that deer have shed in the previous season while shed hunting.

A full antler could get you around $200, which made it attractive to college students like Lowry and Cummings.

They went on a hike through Yellowstone National Park with their friends.

They didn’t know it, but the trip would change their lives forever.

As they walked, Lowry stepped on some animal poop.

Sadly, the pile was new, which just meant one thing.

Lowry didn’t even get to finish what he was saying before a huge bear, weighing 500 pounds, came running towards him.

Lowry was knocked down quickly and the bear started ripping him apart.

The bear grabbed his left arm and shook him vigorously.

Cummings saw that his friend was in danger, so he tried to distract the bear.

He threw different things at it, such as sticks and stones.

He thought of doing something drastic to get the bear’s attention: throwing himself at it.

His plan worked out.

The bear did not bother Lowry.

After that, it focused on Cummings.

Lowry ran to their two friends, however, Cummings was having a harder time.

The bear bit his head at one point.

Cummings was lucky because the bear stopped paying attention to them and left.

Cummings had a short time to scurry away towards where his friends were.

They were very badly hurt.

They had fractured bones, and Cummings even had holes in his head.

It looked like they hadn’t made it, with all the blood around them.

Suddenly, something amazing happened.

It could have been luck or it might have been their bodies’ natural programming, but the two wrestlers made a full recovery.

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According to ESPN, Lowry bounced back so well that he was able to make it to the local tournament.

He finished the competition with a 5-6 record, which is impressive considering he was attacked by a bear not too long ago.

At the same time, Cummings kept getting better.

They also went into the wilderness to look for animals with antlers that have shed their velvet, and during that trip, they achieved the most important victories of their lives – they overcame their trauma and strengthened the friendship that will last forever.

We have become really close friends by going through tough times together. Our coach teaches us that when someone is struggling, you don’t leave them behind. That’s what Lowry told CNN.

Watch the video below to find out more about this amazing story.

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