A woman who has given birth every year since marriage has recently had her eleventh baby.


She has already given birth to 11 children at 36; thus, after being married, Courtney hasn’t gone well over nine months without being pregnant, and she claims she’s not finished yet!

A large family is something that many women desire.

Although it’s unlikely they would ever anticipate having as many kids as Courtney Rogers has.

36-year-old Courtney recently gave birth to her eleventh kid and resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Most mothers’ would likely burst their heads out at the mere mention of such a situation.

Courtney claims she would be down to have up to 14 kids. This family has been growing since October 2008 with the marriage of Courtney and her beloved spouse, Pastor Chris.

If possible, we’d like to have more kids, said Courtney during an interview with The Sun. We’ve always wanted to have 12 kids, making our family as big as 14.

She then became pregnant each subsequent year.

She has never lasted over nine months without being pregnant after she married; the pair has six boys and five daughters.

The couple met at a church in Georgia camp in 2007 and currently lives on a 12-acre farm.

All their kids are homeschooled. Yet it is much more expensive to earn a living for such a massive family. The grocery bill individually stands out to be $1200 per month.

Courtney has mentioned that the most unlikable situation is some individuals’ criticism of their lifestyle.

They inquire about how she does pay attention to all her kids equally. However, Courtney explained that; the people criticizing her send their kids out to school, but she spends 24/7 with them. So there, she has the best answer to the question.

Other than that, some do act rude, judging her situation off the bat. She was asked if all the kids were from the same partner. It was pretty unpleasant and terrible! But Courtney always replies to such people saying that it is all about Love that matters.

As a mother, she is always happy to be with her children every time. Besides that, she prefers her children to enjoy nature in between lessons rather than being seated for long hours in classrooms.

In addition to teaching her kids, Courtney also works as a teacher in the Sunday school at the church. However, it isn’t easy at all.

She describes her battle; managing so many challenges is always tricky. Despite the troubles the small ones bring along, caring for them.is the only thing that makes her happy. Her challenges include finding more than a sitter, changing multiple diapers at once, driving and parking a 15-passenger van, cleaning up messes and so on.

Meanwhile, they also get a lot of attention from the public. Y. You must have your hands full is a standard set of words coming out.

Recently when Courtney was out with only two of her girls, she was asked if she would try for boys. Leaving them in shock, she had to tell them she already had six boys.

The Rogers family’s new clan member, 6-month-old Caris, is the most attention needed that Courtney has to work extra for now.

There is no statement on when she will initiate the following one.

“In the meanwhile, I think we’ll keep celebrating each positive pregnancy test and the remarkable little life it provides. Indeed, having children is a blessing, she claims.

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