A woman shared how the rescue of a stray kitten ended up uniting her babies.


Some people say that animals are beings that find you and come into your life when you need them most. And there are times when that connection is so special that even the affection is passed on to the next generation. A common behaviour is to see pets taking care of the children of their human owners and treating them as part of their pack, but what happens when they too are expecting puppies? Check out the story of @mama.manners , a TikTok user who shared how she rescued a stray kitten while they were both in “sweet waiting.”

The woman narrates, through a video, that when she was waiting for her daughter, she met a kitten on the street, and when she checked it, she realized that she was also pregnant, so she did not hesitate to give it a home. “I took her home because pregnant girls have to stick together,” she wrote on TikTok.

In the video, you can also see images of her with her pregnant belly and next to her, the white michi also wearing her state of pregnancy, and then of the woman with her baby already in her arms. The empathetic rescue, which was shared on this social network, already has more than 800,000 likes.

The woman, who decided not to leave her alone and accompanied her so that she had her kittens in a safe place, shared another surprise in her moving story: “And we ultimately had our children at the same time!”, she said.

The coordinated birth of their pups meant that their connection was also passed on to their pups: “And our babies became the best of friends!” Today the woman says that her daughter is a true lover of cats.

What do you think of the adoptions of stray animals? Please share a story of you or someone you know about rescuing a pet.

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