A woman posts a breathtaking timelapse of a bird building its nest and laying its first egg.


It’s fascinating to watch the mother bird carefully construct her nest.

The ability to record wildlife is one of the best things about technology.

Technology has given us the opportunity to observe wildlife in its natural habitat, allowing us to learn more about it as it occurs. Countless records document animal migrations, the ever-popular hunting and feeding techniques, and the wonder of birth.

A YouTube content provider shares these films with a focus on birds and their breeding habits. The tenants are being streamed and filmed around the clock, so they set up a bird box high up in a canopy.

One of their visitors was wearing a blue tutu while expecting.

Before you chuckle at the name, know that blue tits are one of the UK’s most easily recognizable birds. When they nest in people’s homes, their stunning pattern of a blue coat with green, white, and yellow accents makes them stand out.

In January, these birds frequently move to gardens. Their breeding and gestation periods run from April through June. This moment was recorded by the Live Nest Box Camera 2021 channel on YouTube.

The bird cage was entered by a female blue tit.

Additionally, a pregnant woman wants the best for her unborn child. The bird was pecking at locations on the wood while perusing the area surrounding the birdhouse in a charming yet humorous moment.

a wood finish, comfortable interior, light coming in from the door, and round-the-clock security? As far as this mother is concerned, the property has effectively been sold.

Commenters immediately draw attention to this common practice, writing: “Love how she swings by and takes a look around like ‘Yo! This is great! High ceilings, hardwood floors, and a security camera’ Were we clear that there is no rent to pay?

The following day, she gets ready for her nesting vigil.

With some greens in her beak, she flies into the birdhouse. She threw several of them on the ground like brand-new pieces of furniture. She sold her first works, precisely like those of us who have “buyer’s remorse” do.

It’s good that furniture is also free because it makes switching swatches and choosing rugs and linings with more substantial options simple. She continues doing this over the coming days until a substantial amount of fiber covers the entire floor.

A surprise occurred on day 46.

She has been carrying a minor miracle with her throughout her nesting vigil. It was always for a very special reason that she selected the home and the furnishings.

She curled up in a corner and remained there for some time. The calmness of her was a stark contrast to the hectic previous weeks. Anyone who was watching is aware that something is amiss.

A marble could be seen peeking over the greens as she raised herself.

It was an egg, a brand-new addition to the garden guests’ flock. But this happy mother doesn’t just have one visitor.

Upon entering the nest, a second blue tit flew in and began biting something with his beak. The husbands are responsible for all feeding duties because the mothers stay in the nest to care for the eggs.

After giving his partner a kiss and a small piece of food, he takes off for more foraging. Thanks to these committed artists and the tools they used to capture it, we are the only ones who see this portrait of a family.

Observe how this blue tit built its nest in a bird box and then astounded the audience with a miracle.

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