A woman married to a rag doll reveals that their relationship is in danger: “He cheated on her”


Social networks offer the “opportunity” to share several things that are personal or foreign to us but that we want to share with the Internet world. However, it is essential to note that just as news, images or videos can go viral in a matter of seconds. It’s that easy to forget them.

A rather unusual case has captured people’s attention since it is about a woman’s marriage with the love of her life. The exciting thing is that despite being a “man”, he was not made of flesh and blood. He was a doll rag.

Merivone Rocha Moraes is a 37-year-old Brazilian woman who became famous for revealing that she had married Marcelo, a doll that her mother made for her, and that became something essential to the woman, so much so that they got married in December of last year.


Marcelo and Merivone threw a great party, 250 guests attended and they had a great time. Shortly after they announced that they had had their first child, the new family member, Marcelinho, received a home birth and was assisted by a nurse and a doctor.

Just a few days before celebrating their first wedding anniversary, everything seemed happy and joyful. However, a rumour ruined her family, as Merivone found out from a friend that her husband was in a motel with another woman. The most terrible thing about the case is that she cared for her son, who was hospitalized for a virus.

“At first I thought he was lying, but then I started looking at his phone and saw the conversations, which reassured me that he was cheating on me. She kept denying everything and said that she loved me very much, in addition to asking for forgiveness and crying a lot, ”she commented.

Through a TikTok video, the woman shared that the relationship is fractured and that they have decided to sleep in separate rooms, which is understandable after the shocking news. Marcelo could not defend himself or have the right to reply, but let’s hope that the couple reached some legal agreement for the child’s good.

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“My spouse fell asleep on the couch the first night we were married after an argument. I’m feeling quite depressed. I can only forgive through time, but love is more powerful than I can ever imagine. “I’ve got to rub it into him!” she cried.

Although she seriously thought about running the unfaithful husband out of the house, she decided to give him another chance for her little boy, who is not to blame for anything. “I wanted to get him out of the house, but our child is growing up and would really miss his father at this age,” she said. Finally, she said, “I don’t believe I could live without my husband.” My love for him also made me forgive, but not entirely.

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