A woman hasn’t cut her beautiful hair in 30 years and looks like Rapunzel.


All of us loved fairy tales while we were young. Also, as kids, we believed that all those fantasies were real. But once we grew up, we realized that the things that happen in those fairy tales don’t occur in reality. But fairy tales aren’t always fictional. Today, we will talk about something that takes us back to our childhood fantasies. Let’s name this the story of the natural world Rapunzel.

Once we hear the name Rapunzel, what comes to our mind is a pretty lady with beautiful long hair. Alena Kravchenko, a Ukrainian businesswoman, can be an ideal example of what we imagined Rapunzel to look like.

Alena has beautiful long hair that is 6 feet long and gold in color. She started growing her adorable hair when she was five years old with the idea of looking like a princess. As she kept increasing her lengthy hair, later on, she was nicknamed “Rapunzel.”

Alena hasn’t cut her hair in 30 years. The last time she cut her hair, she was five years old. Even though it looks beautiful on her, taking care of such long hair is not easy.

Alena washes her hair once a week, and it almost takes more than an hour to do so. Also, she is very concerned about the quality of the products she uses on her hair; she always prefers to use natural and professional developments. She combed her hair twice a day to get rid of tangles and encourage crude oil production.

Alena’s hair weighs around 2.5kg and nearly twice that amount when it is wet. But Alena says that she feels no discomfort in bearing it. Maybe her body has gotten used to it. But she admits that she accidentally steps on her hair very often.

Alena is an active person on social media, and most of the time, she posts pictures of herself inspired by fairy tales, people who follow her on social media admire those pictures a lot.

Alena is getting lots of compliments every day from people all around the world. She loves her hair very much, and she has no intention of cutting it. She even stated that “For me, true beauty is in naturalness which is why my hair is so long; it is the manifestation of my inner world, part of my soul and me.”

This story of Alena teaches us something fundamental, and it is “Never let adulthood conquer the sentiments of the inner child living inside you.”

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