A woman dressed simply and with a sad face, entered a supermarket!


A woman wearing plain clothes and looking upset walked into a grocery store.

She went up to the owner and inquired if she could get some items and settle the payment at a later time.

She spoke quietly, telling them her husband was sick and couldn’t work, they had seven kids and needed food.

The store owner, unfazed, instructed the guards to remove the woman from the store. Yet, the woman, concerned about her family, persisted in pleading.

The store owner refused to give food on credit to a stranger, saying, “I will pay as soon as I can.” A customer nearby overheard the conversation.

The customer approached the owner and expressed interest in his wife’s shopping, but he brushed it off. The owner then called the woman over and inquired, “Do you have a list for shopping?” to which she responded.

” Yes, sir “. “Okay, put your list on the scales and as you weigh the list, I’ll feed you,” he said. He hesitated for a moment and upside down, took a piece of paper and wrote about it. Then, fearfully, the woman placed the paper on the scales.

The scales dropped instantly, as if a heavy stone was added. The store owner and the customer gazed at him in astonishment.

The store owner placed food on the opposite side of the scales, but it didn’t budge. She added more food, but the scales still didn’t balance. Frustrated, she finally grabbed a piece of paper.

The shop owner inspected the paper to see if there was any deception. He read with surprise..

The note wasn’t a shopping list, but rather a prayer that said, “God, you know what I need, I trust you with this situation.”

The woman left the store with all the food on the scales given to her by the store owner, who remained silent.

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