A woman carries an injured 55-pound dog for six hours on her shoulders to safety, saving his life.


Even if they don’t know them, some individuals will go to great lengths to help their animal pals. Tia, a courageous woman and animal lover, belongs to this group.

To experience nature in solitude and with her father, Tia and her father decided to embark on a hiking excursion together to the mountains.

They didn’t anticipate that they would have some extra company on the way down.

After three hours of hiking, the lone hiker discovered a severely hurt dog on the side of the trail.

There was no one else to be located, and the four-footer was essentially paralyzed.

The two then examined the dog, and even though neither of them was a veterinarian, they knew that the big dog could not walk at all.

But they were aware that getting assistance wouldn’t be simple. The fact that the dog weighed at least 55 pounds and that they were in the middle of the woods, six hours from the closest hamlet, didn’t help matters either.

Tia appears to have experienced an adrenaline rush as she lifted the unfortunate four-footer onto her shoulders for the arduous and protracted trip back to civilisation.

The only way the dog could survive was for her to carry him on her shoulders because there was no transport vehicle, and there was no way the dog could stand on his own.

Tia carried the puppy the entire way back because her 76-year-old father lacked the strength to do so.

We agreed that I would carry him to the ground and seek assistance. He couldn’t walk since he was severely injured, the courageous woman revealed in an interview posted on the Pickler and Ben YouTube Channel.

She continued, “It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.”

Tia laughed and nodded in agreement when the YouTubers remarked that the woman must have had particularly powerful quadriceps.

Fortunately, she has some athletic experience, so she was a good fit for the position. Tia once competed in gymnastics, so she has experienced her fair share of rigorous workouts.

To carry a 55-pound dog six hours down a mountain, though, we’re certain that nothing can prepare you for that.

Tia was happy to contribute a few remarks when she was shown a particular image of the puppy lying on top of a sizable rock.

“I was truly deceased. I yearned to halt. I wished to stop. I nearly started crying. You see, each time I would set him down, I would have to stoop all the way to my bum and then lay down so I could carefully set him down so I wouldn’t hurt him any further,” the mother said.

The dog was transported to the vet as soon as they arrived in the settlement, six miles of hiking later. Although he is doing well, the poor dog had a challenging rehabilitation process. He required surgery on his paw and had to spend a month and a half in a cast due to damaged ligaments.

In addition, the veterinarians could locate the owners and learn the dog’s name was Boomer.

According to the owners, Boomer tripped on a snow fissure and went from a 100-foot precipice. After seeing him roll for a few hundred more feeds, they concluded there was no chance he would survive the collision.

Thank goodness Boomer showed them incorrectly. What a heroic rescue operation, and what a remarkable woman!

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