A waiter spends some quality time with a 91-year-old; starts sharing life experiences that attract an audience.


The waiter and the 91-year-old had no idea that so many were eavesdropping on what they were sharing.

Working as a waiter can be a restless as well as an anxious job at times. Yet it can be the most wholesome thing to do too. In the job of serving a person would get to know a lot of new characters. But except for eating, building up a conversation is something that we don’t see often when it comes to connecting waiters and customers. But Dylan Tetil made a rare turn by spending some time with a customer.

On an ordinary day of work, 24 years Dylan approached an old-looking customer to get his orders. He made himself drop one knee near the customer, so he could make a clear note of his order. Not too far, Lisa Meilander and her family members sat for their meals and overheard what the old man was sharing with Titel.

The overheard conversation said that the 91-year-old had difficulties in hearing, also he had forgotten his hearing aids. The hearing difficulty was caused by the war. The old gentleman had apologized to Tetil for taking much longer in the conversation and it was because he was lonely, and had no one to talk with.

The waiter, Titel, delivered the food to the old gentleman’s table. Afterwards, he asked if it would be fine with him to take a seat with him and chat around for a little while. The old gentlemen with no resistance welcomed him to have a chat. He was almost delighted to share his life story. ( Titel is a radiology student who started working at the restaurant recently. It was his first time meeting the old gentlemen)

A person who referred to the story about the amazing act had stated that this waiter is a blessing.

With good wishes to the new pair of friends, he also wrote that it is more important to build up some connection with the elderly, even if it’s for a short time. Another person wrote that the incident made him tear up. The wonderful young man with a golden heart and the 91-year-old veteran was so wonderful.

The stories of the old gentlemen were mainly endorsed around World War II and his life as a veteran. He did feel unappreciated for his service. Tetil felt it much unfairer. No one around them was offended about the fact because everybody hearing knew what’s happening.

Meilander, who overheard the conversation, took the chance to capture some photos of the pair in the conversation. She did post them on Facebook. With the photos she mentioned; The old gentleman apologized for his hearing disability. He did forget his hearing aids. The 91-year-old mentioned how he lost his hearing in world war II. With his age, he had a lot to speak about. The waiter, Dylan, was very attentive and listened to him patiently.

Meilander further said on Facebook, “Eventually the old gentleman apologized for being so talkative. He had been living alone for some time. So he doesn’t get frequent chances to talk. Dylan with a smile on his face said that he enjoyed listening to him. Next Dylan helped the veteran to follow through with his order. It was a heart-touching sight.

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Meilander told Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “I am just happy he’s getting all this attention. I’m just the messenger.”

Dylan was able to make the people around him left out with a smile, and also the veteran feel welcomed. He sacrificed some time out of his busy schedule to bring some happiness to someone who deserved it. Well-done Dylan.

“With the expressions on the old gentleman’s face, it showcased that he was eager to talk… When I brought him the water he was like, ‘Please come back’, and I had no chance to resist him.” – Tetil told Pittsburgh Tribune – Review.

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