A variety of cloud forms are the nature’s most stunning and romantic sights.


However, this accumulation of liquid droplets is also a complicated and fascinating natural occurrence from a scientific standpoint.It’s fascinating to note that clouds, regardless of their appearance or shape, are all composed of either ice or condensed water.Warm air begins to evaporate and rise to the sky when the sun heats the earth. A cloud is created when these water vapor particles group together. It will eventually reach us on the ground as rain or snow if it continues to expand and unite more water crystals. Otherwise, the clouds just dissipate into nothingness.

Even though to you all the lovely cloud forms may appear random and inexplicable, there is a global classification system for clouds. In 1802, a British manufacturing chemist and amateur meteorologist named Luke Howard was the first to present a nomenclature system for clouds. Today, clouds are classified according to their size, height, creation method, and other characteristics.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a devotee of science or a meteorologist to appreciate the beauty of a cloudy sky. Here is a collection of beautiful pictures of clouds; we bet you’ll notice some strange cloud shapes you’ve never seen before!

Image credits: HeavyLight.ca
Image credits: Ken Lewis –
Image credits: Vincent Fryhover
Image credits: Brian Middleton
Image credits: Jean-Michel Priaux
Image credits: Dementievskiy Ivan
Image credits: JΩSH
Image credits: wittap
Image credits: JΩSH
Image credits: JΩSH
Image credits: JΩSH
Image credits: lookseenseen
Image credits: Alan R. Light
Image credits: Alan R. Light
Image credits: FotoLind
Image credits: pfjc&pfjc2
Image credits: Kick Petroff
Image credits: apod.nasa.gov
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