A two-year-old helped the police find a mother who had escaped her abusive ex-partner with her six children.


Two officers walked over to say hello to a happy young child and began talking to the mom. They discovered that the family was in great need of assistance.

Mothers are real-life heroes who are found all over the world. Being a mom involves a lot of responsibility and often leaves little time for personal activities or relaxation. Mothers learn lessons of patience and sacrifice as they take care of their children and try to juggle their own lives. This is just some of what moms go through, making them true heroes. They comfort their children and loved ones, but sometimes they are struggling even when it is not seen.

One thing happened and then something else happened.

Officers Reneeshia McIntyre (pictured right) and Delia Pesina (pictured left) answered a call to an apartment complex in Dallas. They noticed a 2-year-old and went to say hello. After talking to the mother, they realized the family was in need of help.

Things weren’t as they appeared.

The officers found out that the mother of this happy two-year-old had recently left an abusive relationship. She was now taking care of six children, all younger than 11, by herself. The mother and daughter showed the officers their apartment complex. Officer Delia Pesina was shocked by the conditions of the place, and wanted to do something to help the family. She said, “When we went up to the mother and daughter and then walked through their apartment, I was speechless.”

The two-year-old invited us over and their mom started talking to us. This led to me asking how long they had been living in the apartment and mom said it had been a few months. It seemed like they had just moved in because there was nothing in the apartment.

Just barely making enough to survive.

Officer Reneeshia McIntyre remembers walking into the house and seeing the situation this family had been living in, saying,

She was actually washing styrofoam plates.

Caring for our community.

Officer Reneeshia McIntyre remembers the moment she realized her and her partner could help this family. She said,

After being partners for so long, we could almost read each other’s thoughts. When we were leaving, I said to her right away, “Oh, we’re coming back, aren’t we? We’ll take care of it.”

Working together to help the people they are responsible for.

The partners returned to their base and asked their comrades for money so they could buy beds, cribs, mattresses, sheets, pillows, furniture, and organizers to furnish the family’s apartment.

They got support from other officers right away.

Without any hesitation, other officers quickly gave money and their time to help this family.

It’s time to give your home a well-deserved makeover!

The police officers took trips to the store to buy things and make changes to the family’s home.

This was the start of the family’s home and lives changing.

The mother was not able to be at the CBS 11 interview, but she was able to talk to them over the phone and express her gratitude to the officers.

I can’t see all of you, but I really appreciate it. I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

Trying not to cry.

Officer McIntyre remembers when they showed the family where they would be living from that point on, which was very emotional.

We showed the children the room where they would be sleeping. They were so happy that we had to stop ourselves from crying.

Doing more than expected.

The officers collected enough money to furnish the apartment, put it together, and buy $250 worth of food and snacks for the family.

Making a difference by helping and supporting each other from one generation to the next.

The two officers are familiar with situations like this one, and they understand the effects of family violence. Officer Pesina even discussed how deeply this struck her personally.

I understand what the kids are going through because I had police officers who had an effect on me when I was young.

Coming to work wearing their badges and being ready to do their best.

Officer McIntyre said when she was asked about her job.

For me, it’s part of my job and it’s something I care about deeply.

Listening to each other’s stories.

These two officers stopped to say hello to a little girl and her mother. Who knows what this family was going through before. Now they have beds, people they can trust, and support to help them get back on their feet.

It is amazing how much mothers do for their families. We can have a positive effect on each other by just being friendly and taking the time to listen. We can have an even bigger impact if we help each other out without expecting anything in return.

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