A two-year-old has shown off their hip-hop dancing skills with style.

I could look at him for hours – he’s so adorable!

Some toddlers love being in the spotlight and it’s always adorable and impressive when they are.

This two-year-old boy is amazing! He put on an incredible hip hop performance with some amazing moves. He’s going to go far!

When Jayden was two years old, he did some amazing hip hop dancing that became famous online.

He performs an amazing hip hop routine without holding back. At the start of his act, you can see the young boy getting into position, ready to dance.

When the music starts, Jayden starts doing some impressive moves that even adults can’t do. It’s amazing that he’s only 2 and he’s wearing a baseball cap which he clearly loves. He jumps and kicks his feet at the same time and then throws his hands up in front of him.

While dancing, Jayden removed his hat and used it in his routine. Then he did a somersault and ended up back on his feet.

The toddler really shows off after his somersault – he kicks his legs quickly while doing arm movements with his small arms. It’s clear the little boy loves to dance, he’s totally focused on his dancing.

Jayden is dancing to ‘Sweet Love’ by Chris Brown and his mom is filming him.

It’s unusual for a two-year-old to be able to stay focused for even two seconds, let alone for an entire song of fast-paced dancing.

This small person has a lot of enthusiasm for dancing, and isn’t afraid to show it.

At the end, the best part comes. Jayden takes off his hat, throws it across the room, then does a really cute head shake.

Jayden does a great job throughout the performance. At the end, he really goes all out. He stands on his tiptoes and stays completely still, which is difficult for a toddler.

Jayden took off his hat and shook his head, then threw the hat across the room. He must have strong arms – I hope he plays baseball!

The video of 2-year-old Jayden dancing was a huge hit on YouTube, garnering millions of views and going viral. People found it very endearing and left lots of comments for the little dancer.

More than 5.2 million people have seen the 2-year-old dance, and 46,000 people have given it a like.

It’s not a shock that a video of Jayden dancing as a baby went viral – nothing is cuter than toddlers with talent!

Jayden was only two years old and already knew how to dance! Check out the video below to watch his amazing routine!

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