A tough police dog at work becomes a caregiver for an infant off work.


Let’s picture people who are involved in areas of law enforcement. The first thing that comes to our mind is their toughness.

They must be, of course. Anyone in law enforcement has to deal with bad folks daily. So it is a must to be somewhat harsh with the look and character.

Similarly, we may say the same thing about the K9 dogs who assist these police. The majority of K9 unit dogs are large, rugged, and extremely skilled at what they do. They possess the ability to detect danger or the person they need to save from great distances.

Sonny is one of those K9 dogs always ready when it’s time for duty.

Sonny is owned by Corporal Jason Frey, an officer at Clinton Police Department in Connecticut. According to him, Sonny was always prepared for duty and had the mentality of a cop. Sonny would jump inside the patrol vehicle whenever he saw Jason in his police outfit. Hence, Sonny proved to be the ideal partner for Jason.

Corporal Jason admitted that he would occasionally discharge all his emotions before Sonny, and it appeared like he was paying attention. Sonny could sense if Jason was happy or worried, and he would frequently answer him (by barking, obviously) to let him know he understood.

On the other hand, Sonny instantly shuts off his “police” switch when they get home.

Sonny changes into an adoring big brother to Reagan, his younger sister. Jason and his wife, Lainey, thought of Sonny as their “whole world”. Yet everything changed once Lainey gave birth to their daughter.

The couple was first concerned about Sonny’s reaction to no longer being the “baby.” However, they were taken aback by how nicely he adjusted to having a kid in the house. Sonny was gentle and compassionate to his tiny sister, despite his harsh “police” appearance.

With his patience with Reagan, you can realize how much he cares for her.

Sonny will be left with patience while Reagan plays with his paws, ears, or tail. When she crawled all over him, he didn’t even react. His tenderness for Reagan reflected that he recognized his duties as a big brother.

The intelligent dog cares about his younger sister with the same enthusiasm and attention as he does as a police dog.

Sonny sometimes lies down on the floor and watches his little sister play. Reagan appeared to be enjoying every moment of it as he softly licked her face or snuggled up close to her.

Lately, Lainey had noticed Reagan gazing fondly at her father and older brother’s photographs when they weren’t around. Their little girl had suddenly become silent. Reagan was looking at a photo of Jason and Sonny when she checked on her. It’s as though she was aware that they were both at work but could yet sense their touch through the image.

Luckily, Jason and Lainey had a new baby daughter, and Reagan would keep busy while forgetting her loneliness.

As with Reagan, Sonny took care of baby number two. This time, though, both elder “siblings” assist each other in caring for their new family member.

We’d be happy just thinking about their LOVING FAMILY.

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