A thoughtful young man saves a woman from being kidnapped by her abusive ex-boyfriend.

17-year-old Malyk noticed something wrong between a couple near a bus stop. Malyk’s wise actions saved the life of the woman who was moments away from being kidnapped.

When you go out for something, are you alert about things happening around you?

People use their mobiles, surf the internet or listen to music while waiting for a bus. As you would think, this is completely normal, minding their own business without staring at strangers. But a little bit of that doesn’t hurt anyone, and sometimes it could also save someone’s life.

Malyk went through one such situation. He noticed a woman in desperate need of help, and his actions made him a hero.

A young man named Malyk Bonnet from Montreal, Canada saw a man pushing a woman while he was passing by the bus stop.

He understood that something was wrong and looked at the situation closely. Turns out, the woman was being kidnapped by her ex, so he immediately took action to save her.

“The man was shouting at her with anger. He was constantly pushing her, this made me worried about the women, and I went near them without them knowing,” said Malyk to CBC News.

When Malyk went near them, they saw him. They asked him for money to catch a bus. As Malyk knew something was wrong, he offered to help and took them to a convenience store nearby.

He finally got a short time to talk to the women alone. Malyk was right, she was in trouble. The woman asked him to help her escape from his ex-boyfriend who was trying to kidnap her.

So, how will the young guy save her? You’ll never guess how he did it.

Malyk was shaken. He thought of a plan to save her. He noticed that the abusive behavior of her ex was high when they weren’t in public places. Therefore, he tried to keep them as public as possible. What a thoughtful young lad.

Malyk pretended to be the nice guy and followed them, just waiting for the right moment to react. He was patient, he even got on to the bus with them.

Malyk said to CBC News,” I tried to keep them exposed to the public, and I made myself friendly with the captor, to gain his trust. I played along waiting for the right moment.”

The moment for which Malyk was waiting came when the captor agreed on the offer of the young lad to buy them food at Tim Hortons. Immediately after entering the restaurant, Malyk excused himself to the bathroom. Then he called the police and told the whole story. The police showed up in a few moments and arrested the abusive man.

Malyk saved the woman’s life. The police paid the restaurant bill for him. His work was over, the lady escaped with her life, and the captor was arrested. Malyk was hailed for his heroism.

This incident depicts the importance of being alert about one’s surroundings. It could be the life of someone that could be saved with a little bit of attention.

Malyk got many complimenting comments online such as:

“You are a true hero in a world where no one cares about others. You did a great job at handling the situation wisely. I’m so proud of you.”

Another person commented:

“It was a good plan, and the execution was smooth. This guy is a special forces material!”

Watch the video below to see an interview with the heroic young lad.
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