A sweet mastiff that was starving and thrown out of a car wags her tail excitedly whenever she sees the person who saved her.


She looks nothing like the dog she was before. ❤️

Not all pet stories are sunshine and daisies. There are lots of happy stories about animals on the internet, but there are also stories about how badly many animals are treated.

Violet is one of those animals over here. I should warn you that some parts of Violet’s story are pretty violent.

It all started in Maryland, when Violet, an English Mastiff, was thrown from a car.

Early in February 2016, news came out that a dog had been thrown out of a car in the state.

Who could be so mean as to not only ignore the dog but also throw it out of a moving car?

The dog was almost as thin as a skeleton. She was so thin that she looked like a skeleton.

The average weight of an English Mastiff is between 130 and 150 pounds. But Violet only weighed 56 pounds, and you could see her skeleton now.

It was a good thing that Violet recovered quickly.

She was picked up a short time later by Mutts Matter Rescue, where she received veterinary care.

Later, the malnourished Mastiff was taken to Fat Dog Farm, which is where her real recovery began.

Every few pounds gained was important. Her back legs were so weak that she couldn’t even climb the stairs.

One of the first things they worked on was this. To get energy back, she needed to gain enough weight.

Violet doesn’t seem to have been outside much where she came from. At least, her foster mom thinks that.

When Violet’s foster mom took her outside, she looked at the trees and sky as if she had forgotten what they looked like.

“You know, I wonder if she’s ever been outside. She looks at the sky and the trees as if she had never seen them before.”

They gave Violet a lot of healthy, high-fat foods to help her gain weight more quickly. It does look like it paid off!

Violet’s road to recovery was photographed, and you can see how much she improved.

Remember that just because something takes time doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

She put on weight and got her mood back. After going through so much trouble, Violet figured out how to be a dog again.

She liked to have fun and be outside. She also liked to be kissed and cuddled. After all, cuddling is a lot more fun when you’re not just skin and bones anymore.

During that trip, Violet ate six meals a day. It was to make sure that her digestive system could handle it. Now look at her!

It shows how hard work always pays off and how much you can do to help just one dog.

Violet was broken and hungry when she was found. And now she’s back to being a whole dog with a lot of love to give.

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