A study has revealed that men appear more masculine when they wear makeup.


Men are no longer shying away from makeup. Now, more and more people are recognizing that makeup can help to enhance a man’s features and hide any imperfections. Men of all ages and backgrounds are beginning to understand the positive effect makeup can have. It’s not just for actors anymore!

It makes men more attractive.

A recent study looked at how makeup can affect the attractiveness of men. The study had a makeup artist apply subtle makeup to a group of men, and then the men were photographed. Afterwards, the images were rated based on attractiveness. The results showed that the men wearing makeup were rated as more attractive than when they weren’t wearing makeup.

Men look more masculine when they wear it.

A beard can give a man’s face a more masculine look, but makeup can do the same. Studies have discovered that makeup increases the contrast of the lower part of the face, making it appear more masculine.

Wearing makeup can help to emphasize the shape of your face.

Any woman knows that masterfully applied makeup can change your look, but men can also benefit from concealers and facial powders. Makeup affects how we perceive men’s bone structure and makes male faces more attractive.

Dwayne Johnson has something to say about wearing makeup: he’s not a fan!

Dwayne Johnson, one of Hollywood’s most muscular actors, recently showed off a post on his Instagram account. His daughters had put makeup on him, and he said he felt great. He hadn’t seen himself in the mirror yet, but he joked that if he looked as cool as he felt, then he was winning. This is an example of the makeup celebrities wear on set or in photoshoots, just like regular people.

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