A stray dog returns with friends to crash his car after getting kicked by a driver.


For a driver, finding a nice parking spot is a tremendous joy. Car owners are understandably irritated when others take their spots. This is the story of a guy who chased a mischievous animal away.

Karma, however, seems to have caught up with him. After a wonderful vacation, the man came home only to discover that his parking space had been taken.

It was a stray dog, not simply someone. This had to be his new home, and he must have thought. The driver got out of the car, tired and frustrated after a lengthy drive, and kicked the dog. As a result, he decided to vacate his parking spot.

The dog was terrified and bolted. The man was convinced that he had permanently driven the dog away and that it could find a new home elsewhere.

The dog, on the other hand, had a different strategy.

An enraged dog «concocted» a scheme of retaliation. He was hell-bent on retaliating against the driver for his indifference.

The dog and a handful of his furry companions returned to the parking spot.

They created such a racket that the man was obliged to wake up and investigate what was going on outside.

The driver was taken aback by what he witnessed. The dogs taunted the car. They’ve already gnawed on it, causing damage worth hundreds of dollars. By the way, this serves as a nice reminder that animals should not be mistreated or offended.

Also, any harm done to others, whether by a dog or a person, will undoubtedly come back to haunt them as a boomerang.

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