A stray dog ​​meets a group of athletes and passes extreme tests to follow them


This story feels like a movie: it all started during one of the most challenging and tiring races in the world, the Adventure Racing World Championship, in which brave athletes compete in very difficult physical tests such as trekking, mountain biking, kayaking and orientation tests. .
A stray dog ​​met one of the participating teams, following it through all the difficult tests of the race and becoming a participant too. The athletes of the team were shocked by the bond that this dog established with them in a few minutes, and by all the obstacles he overcame to stay in their company.

The race was taking place in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador: 4 Swedish athletes stopped to eat when the stray dog ​​approached them.

They just gave him something to eat but they didn’t expect what would happen next.

After the break they resumed the race, but after a few kilometers they realized that the dog was behind them following them. They called him Arthur.

During a difficult test, a member of the team became unwell due to dehydration. Arthur stayed close to him while they waited for the doctor’s intervention.

The team then had to say goodbye to the dog as they had to board a canoe. The athletes saw Arthur dive into the water and could not help but get him on board.

At the end of the race the team no longer counted 4 athletes, but 5.

But the story does not end here…

An athlete of the team, Mikael Lindnord, took the dog with him at the end of the race and decided to adopt it.

The dog showed them a great gesture of trust and it was right that he be rewarded by giving him the opportunity to live in better conditions of life.

The team finished in twelfth place but Lindnord said: “I came to Ecuador to win the championship, and instead I gained a new friend.”

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Article Source via: Daily Mail

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