A special all-white albino panda was seen in pictures.


The Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichuan, China has recorded a unique all-white panda using an infrared camera.

The bear is unique because it doesn’t have spots on its body and it has red eyes. Scientists think it is an albino.

Another panda that lives in the northern Qinling Mountains has a rare color variation with a brown and white combination, unlike the all-white panda at Wolong.

The footage, taken from 6,561 feet (2,000 meters) high, shows an albino panda approaching a black and white one which is thought to be its mother. The mother stayed quite relaxed but still chased away her baby.

The footage shows a cub which is between one and two years old. The all-white panda is nearly full-grown and is almost the same size as an adult, according to Wei Rongping in an interview with The Straits Times.

At the end of February, wild pandas in Wolong entered mating season. Female pandas with cubs can be very aggressive if an adult panda comes too close.

This female panda was very peaceful and didn’t follow the usual pattern. It’s possible that she is the mom of the all-white panda.

Li Sehng, a researcher from Peking University, says that this person may be the first known wild, all white giant panda seen since records began.

It is not known if the population’s special genetic traits remain and stay in the small group or if they will be passed down.

More research is needed to get a complete understanding of how this discovery affects the genetics and protection of giant pandas.

Albinism in pandas is caused by a change in their genetic make up. It’s amazing that such a vulnerable and endangered species has this condition at all.

Giant pandas are seen as very special in China and they mainly live in the southwest part of the country. They only eat bamboo.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) reported that in 2017, there were approximately 1,864 pandas living in the wild. This was seen as a success, as it meant their status changed from endangered to vulnerable.

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