A soldier offers to help a little girl on her special day as her father died during army training.


Sgt. Bierbrodt stepped over to be Cayleigh’s companion because she didn’t have her father to accompany her to the dance.

For many lassies, father-daughter dances are a memorable part of their childhood. In such school dances, they make a lot of happy memories, and it’s also a terrific chance for them to connect with their fathers. However, what happens if a girl doesn’t have a dad? Many troops and service personnel came together to make one little girl’s evening one to cherish.

The dad of the little girl was also a veteran. Cayleigh Hinton’s dad died in an army training misfortune when she was only four years old. Therefore, she had no one to accompany her to her school’s upcoming father-daughter dancing event as her father was no longer alive. While all her friends got ready to enjoy the evening with their dads, little Cayleigh didn’t even have her dad accompany her.

Cayleigh’s mother was worried for her daughter. She wanted her daughter to enjoy this moment somehow. Therefore, she asked the National Guard to accompany her daughter to the dancing event.

Sergeant Joseph Bierbrodt was the first person who saw the request, and he knew he could handle it.

His opinion was that “I should do it.” He went on to declare to ABC 7 Chicago.

“For me, it’s not a decision.” It’s a pleasure to be able to help her in this way.”

Sergeant Bierbrodt agreed to the request wholeheartedly and planned to make it a memorable night for the little girl.

Sergeant Bierbrodt was a stranger to Cayleigh’s family, and still, he offered to help the family to the fullest. The only thing he wanted was to make Cayleigh’s special day as memorable as possible.

As a parent, Sergeant Bierbrodt believed that his family could also face the same scenario someday, and he would want someone else to do this for his children. According to the Chicago Tribune, he says:

“Being asked to do this is a huge honor for me.” We never forsake someone who has gone before us, nor do we abandon their loved ones.”

He arrived at the event with many flowers like a real gentleman and bought some gifts for Cayleigh on the way. He also purchased his companion a teddy bear and a stuffed pug.

But Sergeant Bierbrodt didn’t come alone. He accompanied people from several backgrounds and collaborated to surprise the little girl.

Sergeant Bierbrodt and Cayleigh went to the dancing event in a limo, and a large contingent of service personnel escorted them. They were accompanied by the Patriot Guard, police, and firefighters. They arrived at the Our Lady of Humility School, the venue of the dancing event.

Cayleigh was treated like a princess that evening. She was wearing sparkly heels, a fancy costume, and a cloak to go with it. She even wore a corsage to complete her ensemble.

Despite the flash and bustle, they didn’t forget to pay tribute to Cayleigh’s dad.

Before everything else, Cayleigh took the opportunity to honor her dad on her special day. “He always wanted to take Cayleigh to a dancing event, but he never got the chance. I’m sure his soul will be happy to see his princess smile in joy,” said Cayleigh’s mother, Jillian Hinton.

“He still lives in Cayleigh’s mind, and I always see her talking alone. Maybe it’s his soul, and I think she has him with her tonight,” Jillian added.

However, Sergeant Bierbrodt and Cayleigh had a great time dancing the rest of the evening.

They walked away with really special memories after dancing all evening in the school auditorium. Cayleigh didn’t forget to dance with almost every military officer and firefighter who escorted her to the event.

Cayleigh’s opinion about the evening was:

“Today is a special day in my life. We’re commemorating my father on this particular day. A great father as well as a brave soldier.”

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