A single dad adopts an 11-year-old abandoned by his foster family.


Being orphaned is depressing. Then how much would it be to get orphaned again after 7-years of adoption? Living 7-years together with the adoptive family, the young boy would not have thought that his foster parents were to discard him; unfortunately for the young boy, they found a way to do it.

Society thinks that offer some paperwork, an orphaned gets a permanent family. But the story isn’t as beautiful as we assume. After some more paperwork, the adoption can be canceled as simple as we cancel a Netflix subscription. Anthoney did face such tragedy when he was only 11-years-old.

Being orphaned, Anthoney was adopted by his foster parents when he was only 4-years old. All though it was the end of Anthoney’s unfortunate. But sadly, it wasn’t. 7-years later, when Anthoney was 11-years-old, his foster parents worked to dump him away. It was inhuman but surprisingly was legal. They carelessly did leave him at a hospital with no concern about him.

The promises at the time of adoption were only some fake words. While the boy was left orphaned again, frightened and emotionally exhausted, not a glance back was taken by his ex-parents after committing such an inhuman deed. It was not the first time the heartless couple acted off the “pretend parents” charade.

Little Anthoney had no clue of how or what to do at all. He was not acknowledged his ex-parents were to return. The poor boy had no clue that he was abandoned. Usually, real parents can’t do the act of leaving children away, but Anthony’s pretend parents did the same two years before abounding Anthoney. They were a disgrace to the term parents.

Life is a package of emotions. In times of this inhuman act came a hero named Peter Mutabazi to rewrite Anthoney’s story delightfully.

Peter has adopted 2-brothers, and being a foster dad has changed his life. The kids made him understand further how much a person could love another. But soon, under the orders of the family court, they have reunited with their birth parents their goodbyes were much more painful than Peter expected.

Peter ran under hours of training hours before becoming a licensed foster parent. But nothing in the manuals had prepared him for a sudden breakup this painful.

After the separation, Peter realized that the boys could grow well with their birth family. Apart from the happiness of the thought, he had his heart filled with pain missing his foster children.

This incident made Peter initially refuse to adopt 11-year-old Anthony. Since it was only a few days after the separation from the kids, the pain of loss was too deep. He needed the time to reform.

While things were a bit dull, Peter’s social worker worked in making things right. He was always to say, the right kid at the right time.

This convinced Peter to meet Anthoney soon. Peter had no great hopes after the incident, but the bedroom Peter made for his foster children was soon to be filled.

Peter’s childhood was bad. His father was abusive. He lived in a small village near Uganda and Rwanda border. Although his childhood was a bit dull, he needed to make a better future for children who deserved more. Peter was a real state businessman. When his businesses were blooming he started working to make his idea a reality.

At first, Peter was in the idea to assist Anthony during weekends, temporarily until he find a living place.

He didn’t prefer to adopt Anthony since he was still internally hurt by the loss of his former foster children. Peter was not interested in Anthony’s life story since he was scared to get close to another child. He was not ready for more heartbreaking situations. He was headstrong that the boy would just be allowed to remain for the weekend as arranged, and once that time was up, Anthony would have to leave.

But suddenly everything changed when Anthony called Peter, Dad. “I notified him he could call me ‘Mr. Peter’ and 20 minutes after he came, he questioned if he could call me ‘Dad.’ What? I didn’t know his last name, yet he was asking to call me ‘Dad.’ This was not usual, as most children in foster care originally want to remind you that you are not their father and ‘never will be.’ This child I had just met was not even presenting that argument.” said Peter.

Even though Anthony was trying to get closer, with the inner pain, Peter kept neglecting Anthony, keeping a gap to avoid further relationships. Peter even made Anthony remember that he was to remain for a short period of 48 hours with Peter.

The 48 hours came to an end, and Peter became a bit curious about Anthony. He worked to ask the social worker about Anthony. The answer by the social worker herself made Peter fall off his gut and was surprised if such inhuman acts were legal. The social worker explained to him how Anthony was abandoned by his biological mother at the age of two and his foster parents when he was only eleven.

“They signed an agreement forfeiting their parental rights and never looked back. I was shocked! I could not accept what I was hearing. I started to cry out of fury for what these people had done to this 11-year-old child.” said Peter. Peter was angry and sad at the same instance after hearing the cruelty of the ex parents of Anthony.

Only a few hours passed and Peter changed his mind. He was ready to take Anthony as his Child. Peter refused to allow him to be cast aside again. Besides, Anthony was already calling him ‘Dad.’ Peter asked the social worker to provide him with a placement letter so he could register him in school the following day. She asked Peter about 100 times if he was serious and hen both cried tears of joy. Further, Peter said that no longer Anthony would have to be concerned about how he would get food, shelter, and love.

As soon as possible Peter made arrangements and Anthony was legally under the protection of Peter. On November 12th, Peter adopted Anthony and presented with a permanent last name.

“He is a godsend, I am most thankful for in my life. It has been an amazing journey. I’m astonished at how resilient and cheerful he is, despite all that he has had to endure.” These were some words by Peter after adoption.

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