A simple trick with a lunch bag can help keep wasps away all summer.


This is the least expensive way to solve the problem, and it may be the nicest way too.

Summer is coming soon, which means it’s time for days at the beach, swimming in the pool, and spending lots of time outside in the sunshine.

Summer is here, but unfortunately it also brings wasps.

Wasps can sting really badly, but they usually aren’t invited to parties. Unfortunately, wasps don’t understand that!

Want to keep wasps and carpenter bees away this summer? Here’s a great tip!

You only need two items: a brown paper bag and some plastic bags.

Take as many grocery bags as you need to fill the paper bag until it looks full and puffy.

Once your paper bag is full, close the top by making a knot and hang the bag in a high place.

They will stay away from this fake nest, because it looks like the nest of their enemy..

Do you want to know why this inexpensive and simple trick works?

The paper bag looks like a hornet’s nest, which wasps and carpenter bees know to avoid. Unless they want to get their heads bitten off, that is.

This simple trick keeps wasps away without any toxic chemicals.

Everyone, including humans, animals, and insects, should be kept safe.

    It is very important to be careful not to hurt wasps because they are really helpful to people.

    National Geographic says

    Almost all bugs on Earth are eaten by a type of wasp or used as a home for its baby wasps. Wasps are really good at keeping bugs in check, so farmers often use them to protect their crops.

    Pests can be annoying, but it is important to protect them.

    Taking steps to protect ourselves, like this simple trick, and learning more about the wrong ideas people have and the real effect wasps have on nature is important.

    Many people think that wasps want to sting us on purpose, but Good House Keeping says that they are actually trying to stay away from us.

    Mooshes only care about our food and drinks. But when we wave our arms around, it scares them and can even cause them to sting us.

    You can do this hack when you’re at home, but here are some tips you can use when you’re out and about.

    Country Living suggests five things to do:

    1. Wasps aren’t just interested in sugary treats. They also like meat.
    2. Keep food and drinks covered up with lids, caps, paper towels, or cloth to protect them from wasps.
    3. Do not use homemade wasp traps because they may attract the wasps.
    4. If a wasp comes near you, stay calm and let it fly away.
    5. If you spot a wasp, there are likely to be more nearby as they tell their colony when they find a good food source.

    The best way to deal with a wasp is to find the first one you see, which is probably the scout. Put a cup or glass over it, and leave it there until you’re done eating. Then, let the wasp out.

    You can use this information to help keep everyone safe.

    It’s up to all of us to keep each other safe and keep the world looking great.

    See what happened when this man tried this at his house!

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