A scuba diver helps a gigantic whale remove a hook stuck in its mouth; the diver swims into its colossal mouth to do it.


Scuba divers are usually trained to dive deep blue seas. The more it gets deeper, the more it gets mysterious. In case no one can predict what kind of experience the diver will have to face.

So, you are about to read a beautiful story about a scuba diver who made a friend in the deep seas. The diver ended up sharing a hug with the marvellous creature too.

Have you ever heard of sperm whales? They are the most prominent existing mammals on earth. Sperm whales, also known as Physeter Macrocephalus, grow up to 55 feet long.

It has been discovered that the brains of sperm whales are the largest of any creature ever existed. Maybe that is how the whale was intelligent to make it to the diver for help. Yet these whales are also vulnerable.

A substance called Spermaceti is abundant in the heads of Sperm Whales in large quantities. The factor may have given them the name, Sperm whale.

Though these creatures are massive, they are gentle. Squids found in the deep oceans are their central feast.

Now it’s enough facts about the creature; let’s get to the story. The diver named Hugues Vitry is a well-known Mauritian environmentalist and an underwater photographer. He is also the Diving centre manager and Vice President of the Marine Megafauna Conservation organization.

The story runs about how he removed a small fish hook from the whale’s lower jaw.

This was not his first time saving a whale. Once, he had freed a whale entangled in ropes. Vitry does a lot of activities to conserve marine life. He believes that even a single individual can make a considerable difference. However, his trust in media about oceanic news is at a low rate.

The gigantic creature swam close to Vitry. Next, it moved its body sideways before enclosing Vitry that she was there to ask for help to get rid of a hook.

It was just a tiny hook that caused the whale discomfort. Think of how much damage a larger object can do?

While the colossal whale was swimming beside Vitry, he made the scene captured on the camera. The moment was beautiful to watch.

The translation in the video is a bit rough, but Vitry’s narration said that he witnessed some blood. After seeing that it was because of a hook in the whale’s tooth, he pulled off the pin from the creature’s mouth with some force.

To everyone’s surprise, the massive remained calm during the whole process.

Yet the best part was; that Vitry was in awe when the whale seemed to linger for a bit after he attempted to make sure that the discomfort of the creature was all over.

After all, the creature also seemed to thank Vitry for his favour.

Variety words said he was amazed to witness such an unaggressive approach from a sperm whale with his mouth opened. The whale was letting Vitry hug it; standing for a while to show its gratitude was unexpected.

These show us that these creatures an intelligent.

It was a beautiful moment between a man and an animal. Don’t miss the chance to watch such a great scene.

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