A school considers it offensive to display American flags on their vehicles.


The kids were called upon to the Office, and it was because they thought an American flag on their vehicles would be offensive.

For students to conduct their clothing, speech, and behavior inside the school, they are governed by dress codes, conduct codes, and other standards within the premises.

Regardless, the method students reacted when one administration at Franklin County High School in Virginia tried to clamp down on something unexpected was remarkable.

The incident started with three students being called to the Office of Franklin County High School in Virginia. They were told to remove the American flags displayed on their vehicles since the school administration finds them disturbing and offensive. It was just a surprise for everyone.

One mom of the three students said she got a call from his son claiming that an administrator observed his truck and has now been called to the Office

Other pupils were as astounded once they overheard what was taking place. After all, they were Americans, and waving the flag was a way to demonstrate their patriotism for their nation.

A group of students came together to support the troubled three the very following day. On their way to school, they gathered a group of cars flying the American flag and traveled through the town like a parade.

The video below will show how things were doing. Before you see the parade of mainly white trucks waving the American flag, you can sound the rumbling of their engines. Even a few vehicles slipped into the flag procession. One vehicle’s horn began to play the first notes of “Dixie” as they approached the college parking space.

A mother who captured the moment uploaded it on the internet, which was viral in no time. The video has captured the kids’ gesture of unity on tape. Many people found it hard to understand that a public school administration would prevent the children from flying the American flag on their cars.

The school’s principal, Jon Crutchfield, called one of the mothers of the initial three pupils that evening.

The administrator has expressed regret to the youngsters and assured them that flying their flag on their truck isn’t against the law. Apparently, a significant miscommunication shouldn’t have progressed this far.

Administrators have attempted to prohibit the flag at other public schools besides Franklin County High School. After students flew the Confederate flag on their parked cars at the school, Rocori High School in Minnesota administrators decided to outlaw flying flags. According to school authorities, the flags insulted and disturbed other pupils.

High school students challenged the ban the following day. There were around 25 cars parked in the school parking lot with American flags flying. By the end of the day, student leaders and school officials had agreed that an all-encompassing ban would not be put into effect and that offending flags or banners would be dealt with individually.

A pupil who was informed that he couldn’t fly the American flag from his truck while attending school at Mount Zion High School in Georgia rallied behind him. The student posted about his surprise on social media.

The kid’s ideas were as follows; “When my mother picks me up from school in my vehicle, which is flying an American flag, a staff member approaches and informs her that we are not permitted to fly the flag in the school’s parking lot. It’s totally inappropriate. Things like these are what our warriors are battling for.

The fact that the school could fly the American flag outside in the playground but not the students’ cars baffled the pupils.

See how the students banded as one in the video below to resist being unable to fly the American flag from their cars while attending class. What would you do if you were under these kinds of restrictions?

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